With A Face Like Mine – #TravelTuesday



I have one of those faces, the kind that makes strangers think that they can tell me something they probably shouldn’t or that they can ask me do something for them. It actually happens quite often.

Today, I had the kind of face that said I wouldn’t have an issue giving up my aisle seat.

I’ll set the scene for you:

Upbeat twenty-something year old Australian guy next to me with a cute accent: “Hi. Are you traveling alone on this flight?”

Me (just sat down and can’t wait to close my eyes but I smell a request coming): “Yes.”

Australian guy: “Oh, good! My girlfriend and I couldn’t get seats together. She’s sitting over there.”

I look over and see his girl confined to a window seat, next to a man who is already chatting her up. She’s wearing expensive three-inch heels, her hair is perfectly coiffed, her acrylic nails are so long that they border on “I never do dishes” and she looks really pissed. Then again, she strikes me as the kind of girl that always looks that way…

She’s also giving him a look that screams, “Get me out of this seat or you’ll pay for it later” face.

I know exactly where he’s going with his question.

Australian guy (loud enough for the girlfriend to hear): “Since you’re alone, you wouldn’t mind switching with her, would you?”

Hell yes! I woke up early just to get first crack online at an aisle seat and now he wants me to “be nice”?

I always try to avoid the claustrophobic feeling of a window seat.

What makes him think that I’ll be any happier than his girlfriend in that seat?

I also have no interest in sitting next to a “talker” for the flight. In my head, the answer is a loud resounding “NO” but why am I feeling this crazy twinge to say “Okay”?

And then I remember my old post and took my own advice.

This trip is supposed to be about me, not what a stranger and his high-maintenance looking girlfriend want. 

Me (with Canadian politeness, of course): “I’d love to help you out but I don’t like window seats. Sorry.”

Australian guy (a little shocked that I refused): “Oh? Oh. Okay.”

Me (unable to shut up and let the request die): “I’m sure that the flight attendant can ask around for you…”

Australian guy (in a very low voice):  “No, it’s fine. It’ll give me a break for the next 5 hours.”


You never know when your “NO” will benefit someone else! 🙂

Next Tuesday June 14, 2016: #TeaserTuesday – Hold Up Wait A Minute (Tyler)

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50 thoughts on “With A Face Like Mine – #TravelTuesday

  1. I too have one of those faces and often wonder why I am spending my time in line at the grocery store hearing about a stranger’s flat tire and sick little sister. Glad you escaped the dreaded window seat. Yeech!

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  2. I’ve been in a similar situation but I’m a window seat gal. One flight, a woman and her daughter were sitting in the same row as me and she asked me if I could change seats with them so that her daughter can look out the window. I’d specifically book the window seat online as well and I didn’t to sit in the middle or at the aisle. I told the woman that I like my seat and want to remain there. They eventually moved to a window seat which was empty, a few rows behind me. Glad you stayed put! 😀

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  3. I’m another one of those faces people! I get people confiding in me… I’m the one those survey guys on the streets always stop, hoping I might me nice enough to answer their questions!
    Glad you stood your ground though, see you did good for both of you!

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  4. LOL! Good for you!

    I’m that one person always picked out of the crowd by the loudest speaking person who gets to hear about their bad day at work, the sister in law they hate, or the outrageous amount the vet charged to clean their Pomeranian’s teeth. My family says it’s because I smile too much. LOL! Oh well.

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  5. I have one of those faces too! I think I also have a “you can tell me all your problems, I’m willing to listen” stamped on my forehead that I can’t see. Lol. Hope you had a wonderful flight.

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  6. Haha love this. I’m happy you didn’t switch, I wouldn’t want to be by the grabby old guy, stuck by the window either. Funny the guy was relieved you said no, so he could relax without his girlfriend. Seems like she needed the time alone as well, with her attitude.

    Liked by 1 person

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