Perfecting The Art of Nothing – #TravelTuesday #amwriting@princesscruises

Off the menu frappucino

A lazy afternoon at the International Café (2016) ©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Written a few weeks ago while doing…nothing!

I love sea days much more than port days.

I’m happiest when my activity options for the day are limited to what’s being offered onboard. For me, there’s nothing more zen than having nowhere to go in the middle of an endless ocean.

I always scroll through the Princess@Sea app to see what’s happening but I usually just go wherever the day leads me and stay in a state of free flow.

This is what I accomplished today:

  • Woke up early, had a coffee and read on the balcony followed by breakfast in Horizon Court
  • Went to the gym with the best of intentions but was sidetracked by a 1.5 hour conversation with another cruiser who struck up a conversation
  • Walked the deck for exercise instead and then went to a cooking demonstration
  • Enjoyed a specialty coffee at International Cafe (see photo above), jotted down ideas for future blog posts and spotted whales from where I sat
  • Skipped lunch and had a 3 hour nap
  • Read in bed and then got ready for formal night
  • Enjoyed some lovely conversation with other dinner-mates and then walked the deck to digest dinner
  • Listened to some music at Skywalkers Club
  • Watched a movie compliments of Movies Under The Stars
  • Went to bed and was rocked to sleep by the waves

It was such a stressful day…:)

My favorite accomplishment?

That delicious 3 hour nap.

M  xoxo

Photo and content©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


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