“If They Take Dogs and Jews, They’ll Probably Take You…” #racism #amwriting

My planned #SuperSoulSunday wasn’t matching my mood so I’m reblogging one of my Shades of Black pieces – the piece is short, the message subtle but the point is clear.

Simply Marquessa



Inspired by a true event…

Montreal, 1963.

“Sorry, we do have apartments for rent but we can’t risk having other tenants move out if you move in.”

I stood there with the baby sleeping in my arms while my other son peeked out from behind my skirt. He gave the middle-aged woman the same blank look that I was giving her. My husband was registering at the university so we were on our own to apartment hunt that day.

This was the third visit we had made in response to For Rent ads and it would be the third time we were turned away. It hadn’t dawned on me to warn landlords that we were Black but I guess that I should have – it would have saved my time and my little one’s feet.

Three times was not a charm.

Seeing the look of despair on my face…

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