#TeaserTuesday – “You & I” #Fiction #amwriting

Video taken by Marquessa Matthews©2016. All Rights Reserved.

Continued from “Just Because

You and I (Delaney)

I can feel that it’s chilly so I throw on a robe over my naked body and venture out onto the balcony.

The world is quiet except for the cawing of the seagulls and the gentle ripple of the wind across the water. It’s still dark enough for the lights on the Oakland Bay Bridge to twinkle in the distance but light enough for me to see early risers walking the decks of the cruise ship docked next door.

It almost feels magical being up this early and secretly watching the rest of the world wake up.

Right now, perfection would be a thick blanket to wrap myself in to enjoy the crisp San Francisco air.

Absolute perfection would be not having this little voice in my head wondering why Tyler hasn’t even texted to say hello.

Maybe he’s given up, maybe he’s angry and upset with me that I extended my contract, maybe he’s done trying to remain friends…or maybe he simply no longer cares.

It doesn’t matter anymore because I’m here and he’s not.

When the sun starts to peek through, I step back inside and quietly slide the balcony door shut, leaving the curtains open for the natural light to eventually come in. I throw off my robe, crawl back into bed as quietly as I can and snuggle up against the pillow.

Within seconds, I feel Alejandro’s warm hand slide across my hip and then around my waist. He inches closer, nuzzles his face into the crook of my neck and pulls me close to him.

“I missed you,” he whispers into my ear.

“I was barely gone.”

“It doesn’t matter. I sleep so much better when you’re next to me. You and I …” Alejandro falls back to sleep before he can finish his sentence.

No, it doesn’t matter because Alejandro is who is here with me right now.

And he’s giving me exactly what I need – his true and honest self.

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Video and content ©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

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