7 Things To Do At Least Once On A Cruise #TravelThursday @princesscruises #amwriting

Breakfast on balcony II

I’ve done a lot of cruising but I don’t consider myself as any kind of expert cruiser because there is always some new tip to learn.

However, I do have a number of tried and true tips and tricks I’ve picked up from other cruisers/travelers over the years that I’ll probably share in a future post.

But for today’s post, here is my short list of things you should do at least once while cruising:

1. Buy a sail-away drink and wave like you’re in an episode of the Love Boat;

2. People watch in the Piazza as you have a coffee and/or lunch in the International Cafe;

3. Grab some popcorn and watch a Movie Under the Stars;

4. Request breakfast room service the night before, get up early, throw on your Princess robe and watch the sun rise as you eat on your balcony;

5. At every opportunity in the dining room, indulge in meals you wouldn’t order at a restaurant at home. Better yet, make sure that it’s a main that sounds expensive and/or that you can barely pronounce;

6. If you can’t make a choice between two main dishes (refer to #5), choose both. And if you are worried about looking like a pig, request “no sides” on one of the plates; and

7. If the possibility of a balcony or mini-suite is within your budget, do it but beware, if you do this, you’ll never be happy with an ocean view/interior cabin for a future cruise.

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22 thoughts on “7 Things To Do At Least Once On A Cruise #TravelThursday @princesscruises #amwriting

  1. So many people I’ve known have gone on cruises. My parents are going on theirs soon too. Sounds like so much fun but just never appeals to me. I still prefer road trips and flying, but one day I just might give it a chance.

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  2. Absolutely dyin’ laughing here because I’ve done the “Love Boat” more than a few times! 😄😄😄

    A balcony is a requirement! My claustrophobia won’t have it any other way. Had a lower deck cabin on my first cruise…and freaked out like Donald Duck! Will never forget that cruise. Twenty years later and my buddies still refer to it as the “Get Felicia a Drink Cruise!” 😖😩😄🍸🍸

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