Press This: Why Black Lives Matter Is Not About Disrespecting Everyone Else’s Lives | Fusion #BlackLivesMatter #racism

Press This: For anyone who does not understand the difference between #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter, cartoonist Kris Straub will make it easy for you.

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This comic is a great explanation of why Black Lives Matter is not about disrespecting everyone else’s lives | Fusion

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43 thoughts on “Press This: Why Black Lives Matter Is Not About Disrespecting Everyone Else’s Lives | Fusion #BlackLivesMatter #racism

  1. Excellent piece! Will definitely share. It terrifies me to read that this sentence can even be discussed. How can people be so blind and deaf ? How can they think about a competing hashtag instead of just realising what’s going on and stand with their black brothers ?

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  2. I believe that all lives matter. I also believe that freedom is never just given to anyone & the only way to secure it is to keep fighting for it. While I don’t agree with some of the people Black Lives Matter has rallied behind, I do agree that there is a problem that should be addressed. The founding fathers practically said it was our DUTY to stand up, demand to be heard & fight for what we believe is right or we don’t really deserve freedom. Just so you know, I’m “white” but I stand with all who struggle against injustice. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the recent rally, some begin to really sound downright racist, but civil disobedience has a tried & true record. It has also been shown that if those in power are not inconvenienced they have little reason to listen.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents….. ❤

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  3. I do agree. Black lives matter and the comic shows this well. The problem is,everyone believes their house is on fire. Many minorities, not just black. Not saying there fire isn’t there and burning high, the thing is other minorities have gigantic fires too and somewhere something is always happening to someone. It’s very complicated all of it 😦

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    • I respectfully disagree. The organization is fighting for a dialogue of awareness and change in relation to the fact there is NO accountability when police kill innocent Black and Brown people. Unfortunately I could tell you real personal stories that could fill a book about that topic. And I find it interesting how people and the media choose to link the hate crime of a mentally ill Black man who shot the police with the BLM movement. But when a White man commits a hate crime by shooting 9 innocent Black people in church last year, confesses that he wanted to start a race war, no one says that it must be linked to the KKK…

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  4. That’s the same argument I’ve heard- stretched fo breaking point- when it comes to race, sex, religion etc. All lives matter and yet we have to pay attention to the lives that are in jeopardy. Surely wasting our time arguing about it isn’t the way to save lives, black or otherwise? Great article, really succinct and hits hard.

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  5. I posted this comment on CalmKate’s blog, but felt I should also post it here on yours, Marquessa:

    Unfortunately, not everyone has an inclusive mindset, so they are unable to understand the premise behind Black Lives Matter. They see those protestors as “them” not “us”. When I see anyone hurting, I hurt, so their cause becomes my cause and I won’t demean them for saying they matter. Others however, are exclusive and when they see someone hurting, they don’t care, especially if that someone isn’t them, or their families, or look/act/think just like they do. And yet, they will cause a stink and say well, all lives matter, or come up with their own versions of “whatever lives matters” to negate the ones who are hurting. It is a sad world we live in when pain, from lack of compassion, love and understanding, needs a movement or a hashtag to begin with.

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  6. That picture is too great, and so is your writing. I really can’t emphasize this enough. The whole Black lives matter movement doesn’t imply white lives don’t matter. It fights for black lives being valued JUST AS MUCH as white lives, because the difference in this country’s treatment towards blacks and whites IS pretty obvious. Blacks are the ones being shot and killed by police officers despite being unarmed. To be black in America means to be a target nowadays. I can only imagine the fear and vulnerability one on that side must feel. How unfortunate that some STILL support #alllivesmatter. (I really don’t see the point of the #alllivesmatter tag, because it’s kind of redundant. The black lives matter movement implies black lives matter TOO. The point is, white lives have always mattered and we’re trying to remind people black lives should too.)

    Thank you so much for sharing. It frustrates me some people don’t understand this concept. Absolutely loved this.

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    • Great post Angie! Definitely of interest to me. During the last events a few months back, I was reading and bookmarking so many great posts to reblog but I had to give up…just too many out there like yours! 👍💕

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  7. wow! that was soooo powerful!!!! It just boggles me that this has to be explained at all! Of course, all lives matter, but those that are in need; the less-fortunate, the sick, the hungry; the elderly, children, those who are discriminated against, ridiculed, and even murdered for being of a specific race, need more attention. So, say it loud #blacklivesmatter right now because we are being killed because we are black!
    I wrote a poem this morning on my blog site LADYHOOD and I would love your feedback, please check it out

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  8. When your protesting on behalf of criminals that are actively assaulting/resisting arrest, and saying that a certain ethnic group “matters” more than others do, you get what you pay for. In this case you got four years of President Trump, and 735 murders in Chicago.


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