Compliments Will Get You Everywhere #TravelTuesday #amwriting

Free Compliments

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Funny how a compliment can make your entire day, especially when it comes from a stranger. And I guess that when people are on vacation, they have are even more “complimentary”?

A few months ago…

I’m getting myself coffee from the dispenser in the Horizon Court buffet area when a teenage girl standing next to me says, “Ooo, I love your nails. They are soooo pretty.”

I hesitate before smiling and then say thanks. I’ve been doing the same old classic yet boring French manicures since the early 2000s when I decided to start doing a few frivolous girly-girl activities.

There is a woman standing behind me in the tender queue waiting to get back on the ship in Santa Barbara.

“Your skin is flawless. What foundation do you have on?” I tell her that I’m not wearing any. She says, “Wow, you’ve got such beautiful skin.”

I hesitate before smiling and then say thanks.

At the bar in the Piazza, I’m buying two extra coffee cards to cash out my leftover onboard credits (and to use them on a future cruise) when the bartender asks, “Why are you buying two coffee cards? Aren’t you entertainment?” I say no and that I’m not “entertainment”. When I ask him what he means, he says, “I don’t know, you just look like entertainment.”

Still not knowing what he means, I decide to simply take it as a compliment (and as a jump-off to an idea for the upcoming “Angel (Delaney)” fiction piece.

I still find it a bit uncomfortable to accept a compliment but I’m learning to simply say “thanks” and then pay one forward when I have an opportunity to do the same.

What’s the BEST compliment YOU have received?

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26 thoughts on “Compliments Will Get You Everywhere #TravelTuesday #amwriting

  1. When parents tell me their children say I’m their best teacher…. That is a wonderful feeling. It’s not a competition, but there are 4 adults to choose from in my class, and I feel a total sense of pride!

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  2. I think receiving and giving compliments is pretty rare these days (at least in my world). The most recent compliment I received was after working hard to organise a workshop, after it ended, the speaker came up to me and said that it was well-run and that I did such an amazing job. That made my day. My week! 🙂

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  3. Wonderful indeed! I have learnt to always say thank you to compliments even if I may not believe in them all the time. Accept compliments more and we might just start believing in ourselves more. Weird one about the whole entertainment one lol

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  4. “What’s the BEST compliment YOU have received?”
    It’s always gratifying when my work is complimented.
    Thanks, Marquessa, for sharing this reminder for us all to have an attitude of gratitude.

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  5. For me, most recently, it’s the compliments I’ve received on my fiction writing here. Oh, also someone recently said, “I love your swimsuit!” And while that was more of a compliment to whoever designed it, I must have looked good enough in it for someone to like it. Or at least, that’s how I choose to think. 🙂

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  6. It’s hard for me to accept compliments, but I try to accept the ones that seem genuine. I think the best one I recently received was when I was buying some facial cleanser at a Bare Escentuals store. The cashier was looking through the sample basket for some things to toss in, looked at some skin-finisher and said, “No, you don’t need this – your skin is beautiful!”
    I love hearing that, especially when I’m not wearing makeup…makes me feel good to have been blessed with great genes!

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