#TeaserTuesday – “Angel” – #Fiction #amwriting

The Piazza

The Piazza, Star Princess (2016) ©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Continued from “You & I

Angel (Delaney)

“What’s all the fuss about? Those ladies are on that man like flies on shit,” the waiter whispered to the bartender, not thinking that I was paying attention.

I could hear the twinge of jealousy in his voice as I sat at the bar in the Piazza and nursed my latte, pretending to listen to music through earbuds on my cell.

The two waitstaff watched as the excited group of young women extended pens and paper to the tall, dark and handsome man to autograph.

“No, they are like bees on spilled honey because he looks soooo sweet,” the bartender said. I almost laughed at the way he was oogling.

“Who is he?”

“I have no clue but if he’s not some kind of celebrity, he should be. I’d lick that honey off of him any day. He’s absolutely de-li-cious.”

I couldn’t contain my laughter anymore and the bartender turned to me.

“Ma’am, do you know who he is?”

I pulled my earbuds out, took a long sip of my latte and shook my head.


The bar area wasn’t busy and other waiters drifted over to observe the situation, speaking their native language among themselves. They watched him patiently take his time to sign each paper handed to him and pose for selfies. When he looked up, he caught my eye, smiled and winked.

The wink went unnoticed by the fawning group of women but not by the waiters who had keen observation skills. All of their eyes were suddenly on me and I felt a small poke on my shoulder.

“Hmmm, he’s flirting with you. Aren’t you a lucky lady?” the bartender teased.

I smiled and said nothing.

The man finally extricated himself from the group and strode straight over to me, knowing that his every move was being watched. He extended his hand, took mine in his and kissed it like a gentleman. I heard a tiny gasp from the bartender.

“You are absolutely beautiful. What’s your name?”

His eyes glinted wickedly as the waiters stared and the women watched on with envy.

“Does it matter?” I flirted back.

Grinning, he gently pulled off the bar stool and took me in his arms. He gave me a slow, lingering kiss on the lips.

From behind me, I heard a louder gasp escape the bartender’s lips.

“Yes it does. Why don’t you tell me in private?”

He led me away, forcing me to abandon what was left of my latte. The looks of surprise at how easily I had let this “stranger” pick me up was priceless.

As we drifted past them, I heard the bartender sigh loudly.

“Oh my God! Did you see that? For the first time in my life, I wish that I was a girl…and straight.”

Once inside the elevator back to our cabin, Alejandro broke down laughing.

“You’re not the angel I thought you were. You know what kind of woman you made me look like?” I scolded him, shaking my head.

I could have sworn that I saw a guilty look cloud his face but I could have been wrong. My mind had quickly gone elsewhere, thinking about how I would ask him the awkward question that had been on my mind all day.

“It doesn’t matter. Because I know exactly the kind of a woman you are,” he said, backing me up against the wall of the elevator and crushing his body against mine. “Come on pretty Laney, let’s go make some ugly faces.”

As his lips approached mine, he must have sensed that something was up because Alejandro stopped dead in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” The way Alejandro’s eyes searched my face for a clue made me even more nervous to speak.

I swallowed hard, trying to find the right words but I had to at least try.

“Alejandro, I need to tell you … I mean ask you …”

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