Two Things NOT To Do On a Cruise #TravelThursday #amwriting

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Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of articles about what you should or should not do on a cruise.

But I’ve never stumbled across what I’m posting about today.

I’ll start off by saying that the cruise waitstaff (the ones who wait on you hand and foot, serve meals and drinks and clean up after you) work hard and long hours. They are always friendly and happy to accommodate you and make you feel like a “friend”. I also think that it takes a high level of politeness and diplomacy to do that kind of work.

So whenever I see these two situations, I can’t help but shake my head:

  1. Forgetting your “Please” and “Thank You”: Just because you paid to be pampered and “served” on vacation doesn’t mean that you should skip displaying basic manners. “Please” and “Thank you” should still be a part of the vacation vocabulary. Whenever I see passengers order staff around like their personal assistants or treat them like a piece of furniture, I shudder to think what they do at home. Why can’t these people be courteous and treat others in the manner they would like to be treated?
  1. Encroaching on time: When I see passengers bump into their waiter/waitstaff off the ship in port or on a tender and get into long-winded conversations, I wonder how it doesn’t cross their mind that they are encroaching on this person’s personal time. Why are they asking them questions about what sights to see and what directions to take? If they are dressed in casual clothes, they are off the clock, needing to make use of the time they have, run personal errands or maybe relax with other crew friends. I’ve observed this dynamic more than once where the crew politeness reigns but the non-verbal is obvious.

Don’t these people think about how they would feel if roles were reversed?

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10 thoughts on “Two Things NOT To Do On a Cruise #TravelThursday #amwriting

  1. Way too many people think the world revolves around them. I’m always running into people who know me from work, and decide that means I WANT to chat outside work on a random day off. Most of the time, I can’t even remember who they are, and when I do remember right away, it’s usually because they’re horrible.
    But I don’t think it’s usually as entitled as it comes across. Frequently, they’re just people who have trouble making real friends, and wind up overly attached to anybody who’s nice to them.

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  2. I think the easiest way to tell the difference between a “traveller” and a “tourist” is the manners. Travellers are there to emmerse themselves in the culture and make the best of every situation, too many tourists think that the locals and/or staff are their just to make their short vacay the perfect few days/weeks and the world revolves around them, gets on my nerrves too often

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