7 Minutes in Heaven #PuertoRico #TravelTuesday #IslaDelEncanto



If I didn’t convince you to go on a cruise with my recent #TravelTuesdays, #WordlessWednesdays and #TravelThursdays, maybe I can convince you to jump on a plane and visit one of my favorite places…

Puerto Rico!

While you were cruising along to my cruise travel posts, I snuck away…

Starting next week, a number of my posts will be Puerto Rico-related: #MusicMonday (con un sabor puertorriqueño o latino), #TravelTuesday, #WordlessWednesday, #TravelThursday. I’ll also be posting great Youtube videos I found from travelbloggers that are share-worthy.

If you have never visited PR, I think you’ll quickly see why I’m using the “enchanted island” as a backdrop to the Delaney/Alejandro‘s storyline. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful setting…

And for those who like “Ella“, I never told you that I envision her character as a gorgeous “Boricua”.

Hopefully when I’m done sharing this gem of an island with you, you’ll be adding PR to your travel list!

But for now, buckle your seat belt, take the next 7 minutes (actually 7:28) and enjoy a slice of heaven and history!

M   xoxo

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos above.








45 thoughts on “7 Minutes in Heaven #PuertoRico #TravelTuesday #IslaDelEncanto

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  3. I was born in Puerto Rico and have visited many times, such a beautiful island! I plan to make a guide for it on my own blog. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, excited to read more on what you have to say about it 🙂

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