After Party Goodie Bag – Drop It Like It’s Hot August Event! #SundayShare @sundayshare


This week’s Drop It Like It’s Hot Blogging Event was indeed HOT!

Lots of interactivity, awesome new blogs were found and great new friends were made!

I’d like to send out EXTRA special goodie bags overflowing with THANKS to all the guests that participated and who took the time to read and comment on others blogs and for supporting each other with new follows!

If you didn’t have a chance to participate, below you’ll find a guest list that will provide you with great reading!

Next event will be September 10, 2016 – Share Your Published Book Event!

Enjoy the awesome-ness!

M  xoxo

Guest List from the Drop It Like It’s Hot Blogging August Event

Until I can actually get myself there, I’ll be depending on Marina to be my tour guide and tell me about all-things-things-Greece. And she’s an artist too!


With book reviews, chronicles of the aspects of life as an African American lesbian, Tania has lots to share at: and documents her battle against depression at


Kathy hosts an inspirational blog that includes quotes, stories an images intended to provoke conversation. She is also in the process of marketing and selling a self-published book called The Unhappy Wife. For all you book bloggers out in the blogosphere, you might want to get a copy, take a read and give it a review:


If you’re in the mood for a little bit of everything, check out EC‘s (short for Yecheilyah) blog filled with poetry, self-pub tips, writing, inspirational quotes, book reviews, movie night Friday, and Black history fun facts at!


Lara‘s got it going on with stories about her life, books, book reviews, poetry and prose at


Niki‘s got some interesting stories about her life as an Army wife originally from Texas but now living in Upstate New York. For reads about crafts, adventures and life events thrown in for good measure, drop by her blog at


Pamela blogs about love, relationships, and shares inspirational quotes. She is also working on publishing a romance erotica novel called, Secrets Unveil. Be sure to check out her blog at


Sandra posts fiction, poetry, digital art, and about the realities of her life, sometimes good and sometimes terrible but she always throws in a lot of humor to make us smile. And for a great ongoing fiction read called Secret Admirer that her followers love (including me!), you must check out Part I and then read through the other installments at


For some inspiration, motivation and things to ponder on, Norma‘s blog is well worth checking out at


Adrienne‘s posts on travel and photography always keep me visiting her blog. If you’re into travel and photography, drop by and say hey at


Besides being a cynical GenXer who loves music, books and writing, Sepultura‘s got a wild sense of humour that you read for yourself at


Amanda is a multi-talented writer. She writes fiction, poetry, nonfiction and is working on a paranormal romance. She’s been published on, and is on Wattpad as @mandibelle16 . Check out some of her recent poem at:


Do you like sci-fi and fantasy? Reprobate Typewriter has got what you want at


Keith is one of my newest great finds. His blog is designed to be a place to encourage people and challenge the status quo. You must check out his very popular series, Race in America that will open your eyes at


Michael provides a ton of inspiration and motivation, one post at a time but I’m including 4 so that you can check out what I mean:

A few other guests stopped by but may have gotten distracted by the cocktails and forgot to drop their links:

Once again, thanks for all of your participation – it was great!

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.







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