#Quotes: How #Puerto Ricans Look…

I can picture Ella with this look on her face in “Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hot -Part 4” when Jake’s ignorant mother calls her a “Mexican” just because she speaks Spanish.


Credit to and found at http://www.quoteslike.com/puerto-rican-quotes-puerto-rican-jokes-funny-puertorico-puerto-rico-eJNDV4-quote/




8 thoughts on “#Quotes: How #Puerto Ricans Look…

  1. I was brown and ESL in the 70’s called Cuban, In the eighties called Dominican, stayed Dominican throughout the 90’s, Blacks think I am “pure” African American, I am the daughter of a Jamaican American mother and a Puerto Rican father. I thank god that much has changed for “mixed” kids. Not the lil brown girl Liza on You Tube cracks me up when she explains the looks she gets from folks trying to place her race. Peace.

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