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Continued from “Hold Up, Wait A Minute” (Tyler)

Don’t Wanna Be A Player (Tyler)

Fucking exhausted, restless and unable to sleep properly in over a week is what I was.

The thought of what Delaney probably knew was constantly on my mind and was fucking with my head. She had obviously blocked my number and wanted nothing to do with me. I didn’t blame her but I was still pissed with her.

Why couldn’t she simply call me up and tell me to go fuck myself like some of the other women I’d pissed off in the past? At least I knew how to handle an angry woman but Delaney’s silent dismissal was just cruel. If I didn’t know her so well, I’d say that she was pushing my buttons on purpose.

I was pissed at everything – pissed that she was so far away, pissed that I had fucked things up again and pissed that I realized too late that I no longer had an interest in keeping my options open.

All I wanted was her.

It was late but I needed to clear my head so I jumped into the car and took an aimless drive around Downtown. The streets were still bustling and just months ago, I would have been part of that crowd. Somehow I found myself in Ella’s neighborhood and suddenly had an idea. Remembering the building where Ella lived, I parked across the street and called her, knowing that it was probably not the best thing to do.

Ella would be surprised since she’d never given me her number but Delaney had called more than once from my car so I’d saved the number. Ella and I were far from being friends and I sensed that she only tolerated me out of respect for Delaney. From the get-go, Ella had let me know in invisible terms that she didn’t trust me with her BFF. It turned out that she was probably right.


“I need to talk to you.”

“Well, hello to you too, Tyler. Such great manners you have.”

Ella never failed to use that sarcastic tone with me but I’d learn to swallow it.

“Sorry. Hello Ella.”

“Why are you calling me?” Ella’s directness was tinged with curiosity.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Isn’t that you’re doing right now?”

How could two polar opposites be best friends? She sounded annoyed and that made me wonder what Delaney had told her. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all…

“I need to talk to you. Are you home?” I asked, ignoring her sarcasm.

“Yeah, I am. Why? There’s only one thing we have in common Tyler and she’s out of the country. I don’t see what we would have to talk about…”

“Ella, I’m outside your place.”

“You’re WHAT?”

“I’m parked across the street from your place.”

I instinctively looked up and when I saw a shadow appear in one of the windows, I knew it was her peering down. I blinked my car lights so that she saw my car.

“Have you taken up stalking as your new hobby since Laney left?”

“No. I was driving around and just ended up here.”

Ella sighed loudly and I could almost picture her rolling her eyes the way she always did.

“Fine. Apartment 770.”

I hurried myself across the street, up the elevator and to her door before she could change her mind. Ella answered wearing a large rope and her head wrapped in a towel looking like she had just stepped out of the shower.

For a split second, the thought of sex with Ella crossed my mind but just as quickly as it appeared, the thought disappeared. Ella’s expression was full of curiosity as she stood in the doorway with no intention of letting me into her apartment.

“I need to get in touch with Delaney.”

“So? Just call her then…” Ella shrugged, looking at me like I was an ass.

“I can’t get through. I’m getting a “no service” message.”

“That can’t be. We talk and text every day”.

Ella shook her head in disbelief and grabbed her cell out of the pocket of her robe. She typed up something and then her cell chimed with a notification. My heart raced, realizing that Laney was within Ella’s fingertips.

“Her cell is fine, she just answered me. Her old number is forwarded to her new …”

Ella didn’t finish her sentence and a look of realization shadowed her face.

“Oh, oh, oh…I guess Delaney didn’t give you her new number. Or maybe she blocked you? What did you do Tyler?”

If Ella was asking me that question, Delaney hadn’t told her anything about me and Britney. Yet.

“Nothing…nothing at all. It’s more about what she thinks I did,” I lied.

Ella cocked her head to the side and sighed loudly again. She widened the door to let me in. Surprised, I made my way to the couch in her living room and plunked myself down.

“If Laney has a new number, you need to give it to me Ella.”

I was in awe at how Ella’s place looked like it was out of the pages of a house and home magazine. From the decrepit exterior of the building, I never would have guessed at such a luxurious ambiance.

“And if Delaney didn’t give you her new number, I can’t give it to you. Whatever is going on between the two of you is between the two of you. I can’t get involved.” Ella sat down next to me.

“You could get involved if you wanted to. You’re her best friend and I just need to talk to her. If you don’t want to give me her number, just call her from your cell and let me talk to her.”

Ella rested her hand on my knee. I saw a tiny soft glimmer of something in her eyes and I was surprised at her physical contact.

Did Ella actually feel sorry for me?

“No way, I can’t do that. Look, I can see that you’re twisted but maybe things happen for a reason.”

Ella’s voice was gentle but firm and it was the first time I’d ever heard her use a softer tone with me.  I gave her a blank look as she slid a little closer over to me on the couch. A strange vibe suddenly took over the small space between us and it made me feel uncomfortably inappropriate.

Ella pulled the towel from her head and shook out her damp hair.

“Are you sure that you came here to talk about Laney or were you looking for a little something else Tyler?”

Ella slid her hand a little further up my thigh and squeezed. The seductive look she gave me made my heart race and my stomach flip. Ella had gone from ice queen to touchy feely in less than 60 seconds. What the fuck was this?

“What are you doing?”

I stared down at her hand and then back into her eyes. There was no denying that she was hot but …

Before Ella’s hand could slide any further up my leg, I peeled it away. Unfazed, Ella took that same hand and placed it right back on my thigh again. When she leaned in closer to me, I held my breath.

“You’re Laney’s best friend…” I reminded her, unable to move.

What kind of friend could Ella be if she was coming onto me like this?

“Yeah, I am her best friend. But that shouldn’t bother a player like you. Look, if you don’t tell, neither will I.”

Ella smiled and waited for my next move. My entire body lit up as if on fire as my eyes roamed across her body, from the tips of her toes, across the robe that barely hid her nakedness and then to her face.

There was only one thing for me to do …

To be continued by “If You Lose Her” – September 20, 2016

All Rights Reserved©2016 Marquessa Matthews.

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15 thoughts on “#TeaserTuesday: “Don’t Wanna Be A Player” #amwriting #fiction #love

  1. Yes, most defiantly rooting for the other guy Delaney is seeing now. I liked Tyler at first but if he really wanted Delaney back, he wouldn’t be sleeping with Ellla. I’m not quite sure if Ella is just testing Tyler or what. Doesnt seem like she’s being a good friend, but then maybe she knows Tylet is out of the picture for Delaney so there is no harm in Ella’s actions.


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