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Did you put your blood, sweat and tears into writing a book and you are now a “published” author? Are you on the verge of being published and want to shout it out to the world?

Feel free to share information about your published book or “almost” published book and drop a link to where we can find it below!

We want to know!

M   xoxo

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61 thoughts on “Share Your Published Or Almost Published Book Event! #WWWBlogs @BloggersBlast @BloggerBees @BBlogRT

  1. Hi Marquessa! Hi everyone! Thanks Marquessa for hosting this event.
    My novel, Secrets Unveil, isn’t publish yet; but I am moving at a snail pace. I’m just not sure whether to go with an agent or self-publish.
    Anyway, my novel, (an erotic romance) is about two young adults fighting through the obstacles that is keeping them from being together. When you love someone, you end up doing something you never thought you would do, even if that means breaking the law.
    You can check out the synopsis by clicking the link below. Looking forward to checking everyone published and almost published novel. Apologize for the long comment. 😊

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  2. Hi Everyone! Thanks again for the opportunity Marquessa! I’m Kathy. I host an inspirational blog and my upcoming book The Unhappy Wife aims to do the same: inspire. It is inspired by 12 women’s real marriages and meant to help women, married or not, to think about who we are before, during and after marriage. It’s also unique in that there’s an afterword by an online relationship coach. It’s available for pre-order via Amazon right now. But if you’re interested in the paperback, you’ll have to wait until October 20th and also follow my blog for details 😉

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  3. Hello Everyone! 👋 I’m Felicia!

    I am ONE WEEK away from PUBLICATION DAY! I’m nervous but excited! This book has been a looonnng time in the making, and as hard as it is to walk away from, I’m about to do just that. Okay, maybe not this very second…but soon!

    Thanks for another spectacular event, Marquessa, and an opportunity to share! 👍😉

    “In The Best Interest of the Child” by Felicia Denise

    #DebutNovel #ComingSoon #WomensFiction #Psychological #Multicultural #Romance

    Ten-year-old Olivia Chandler has a school she loves, good friends, a nice home, a talented mom, and a successful father she adores. Tragedy rips all of this away from her, and plunges Olivia into the foster care system, where for eight years she is neglected, humiliated, abused, and nearly raped.

    Fate smiles on Olivia shortly before she ages out of the system, allowing her the means to attend college and law school.

    Years later, Olivia is a successful child advocate attorney, giving a voice to children who are so easily ignored by those claiming to act in their best interest. She has little time for personal relationships, and her lifelong fear of abandonment reminds her never to get too close to anyone.

    The successful attorney stumbles though when she’s assigned a case by the court that too closely mirrors her own haunted childhood. Olivia never gives her minor clients less than her all, and the only way she can help her eleven year old client is to face down and acknowledge her demons. This same case also brings a man into her life who sees her for who she truly is, and will not allow Olivia to push him away.*

    Enjoy this small glimpse of Olivia Chandler and Bruce Bellamy navigating their way to friendship…and more.

    Add “In The Best Interest of the Child” to your Goodreads TBR –

    *Unedited and subject to revisions.

    Having arrived fifteen minutes early, Olivia took a few minutes to visit the ladies’ room to check her hair and makeup, and wash her hands. She was glad no one else was around because every time she glanced at her reflection in the mirror, she couldn’t stop herself from grinning. “Get a hold of yourself, Olivia Louise! It’s just lunch with a man. You’ve done this more times than you can count.” Exhaling slowly, Olivia hung her head. Yes, lunch with a man who seems to like me. Lunch with a man that I actually like even though I just met him. Olivia groaned and leaned against the sink. She should never have agreed to this. Bruce seemed like a decent man. He didn’t need to be getting involved in the dark pit that was her life. But even if she walked out the restaurant right now, Bruce would not disappear. Courtney and Marissa were his family, and he was very much involved in Rena’s life. The silly grin returned to her face. Honestly, she didn’t want him to disappear. They may never do more than have lunch, but Olivia wanted it badly. She wanted to be normal and have a life without her past hanging over her like the Sword of Damocles. Steadying herself with a couple of deep breaths, Olivia decided to stop hiding in the ladies’ room and talking to herself like a crazy person. She grabbed her handbag and went in search of her lunch date.

    Approaching the hostess stand, Olivia gave her Bruce’s name.

    “Yes, Ma’am. He’s already here.” Laughing, Olivia shook her head slowly.

    “That man. Of course he is.” The hostess smiled but looked confused, not understanding the joke. Olivia waved her hand. “It’s nothing. Lead the way.”

    Olivia tried to spot Bruce as they approached the main dining room, but was caught off guard when the young hostess turned right and proceeded down a short hallway. No stranger to the Black Dragon, Olivia knew there were formal banquet rooms in the opposite direction, but she’d never been down this hallway. The hostess stopped in front of a small elevator. “I never realized the restaurant had an elevator. I thought it was a single story building.” Connie nodded.

    “You’re right, it is.”

    “Then where does this lead? You have a basement?” Covering her mouth to hide her giggles, Connie nodded.

    “We do, but trust me, you do not want to go down there. This elevator goes up to the mezzanine.” The elevator doors opened as she finished speaking, and both women stepped inside.

    “Well, I didn’t know you had one of those either!”

    “Not many people do. The owners don’t advertise it much. It’s usually for special guests or customers who request a more…intimate setting.” Olivia’s eyes quickly widened. Connie gave her a knowing grin.

    Intimate setting? Olivia had no time to process the comment before the doors opened. Connie took a step outside the elevator and motioned to the left.

    “Your date is right over there.”

    “Date? But this isn’t a da-…” Connie quickly stepped back into the elevator, leaving Olivia with a wink as the doors closed.

    “What am I going to do with this man?” Olivia again thought chuckling to herself. She only had to take three steps before she spotted Bruce. Olivia froze as her eyes widened and mouth gaped open.

    Rising from the table, Bruce walked towards her. Olivia still had not moved, too shocked at his appearance. Gone were the weather-beaten jeans and worn Henley shirt. The thick heavy work boots? Gone too. The Bruce Bellamy standing before her was elegantly attired in a charcoal grey, two-piece Brooks Brothers suit and grey Sardegna Loafers. And he’d had his hair cut. He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

    “Good to see you again, Olivia.” He glanced at his watch. “And right on time. Why am I not surprised?” Olivia still stared at him, still wide-eyed. Bruce frowned. “Olivia? Is something wrong?” Taking a deep breath, she finally found her voice.

    “Who are you? And what’s all…”, she motioned up and down his body, “…this?” His big boyish grin returned as he took her hand and led her to their table.

    “I’m a successful businessman having lunch with a gorgeous, successful attorney in one of the city’s finer restaurants. I couldn’t very well show up in jeans and boots, could I?”

    “Well, no…but-“

    “And besides, I had to show you I could dress myself and behave appropriately in public.” Olivia threw her hands up, laughing.

    “There you are, Bruce! How nice to see you again!” Filling their wine glasses, Bruce stopped mid-pour to keep from spilling it the laughter hit him so hard. Laughing along with him, Olivia visibly relaxed and placed her hand on his arm.
    “And just so we’re clear, Mr. Bellamy, I like you in jeans and work boots too.” The smile he gave Olivia nearly took her breath away. Suddenly self-conscious, Olivia placed her hands in her lap. Bruce didn’t miss the gesture, but continued pouring the wine while changing the subject.

    “Would you like to look at the menu, or do you already know what you want?

    “No menu needed! I definitely know what I’m having!” He chuckled as he handed her a glass of wine, then signaled for the waiter.

    “I had a feeling.” Olivia smirked.

    “Think you have me figured out already, Bellamy?”

    “Not even close, beautiful one. But I do look forward to the adventure.” She grinned at the compliment and the comment.

    “Oooo! I’m an adventure!” Bruce couldn’t help but stare at her face. The way her eyes sparkled, the genuineness of her smile. She was the same woman he met in his cousin’s driveway, but there was no sign of the sadness he saw in her eyes that day. Bruce had long ago made peace with his own issues of abandonment, but Olivia was the first woman to actually make him want to risk his heart again. Bruce was getting lost in Olivia Chandler, and he had no problem with that.


    Get ready to 1-click on September 17th!!

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  5. This is such a great idea! Thank you for doing this.

    I’m so close to publishing, my self-inflicted deadline is October. I have opted for the self-publishing route as I already had a sense of how to do it from a project I did with my daughter. And I like to be my own boss. I want to decide what my cover looks like and what my title is. This choice could bite my in the butt later, we’ll see.

    My novel, Her Unexpected Life, follows recently separated, Valerie Cooper, on her journey to learn to live again. She finds help along the way from a new friend, who just might want to be more than friends. Can she survive the crazy men in her life?

    You can find the *first chapter of some of my works in progress on my website under the Work In Progress tab under Books. Or use this link to get there.

    *They are all draft versions and subject to change.

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  6. Marquessa this is an awesome opportunity to meet others. Thank you for hosting it.

    I wanted to share the books my daughter and I worked as a team on. We self-published them ourselves. She worked hard and learned to make each shadow puppet featured in the books. I was her photographer. We came up with a simple children’s story to go with each book.

    You can find the books on several retailers. Here’s is the Amazon link,

    Here’s a link to our website, If you click on any books photo it will take you to a page with all the retailers listed.

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  7. Thank you so much, Marquessa. My book that is out is called Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete. It is a children’s humor book and is about a little boy named Nate, his friends, school life and athletic aspirations. I had fun writing it, but not so much fun trying to market it as a struggling new author. Thank you for your generosity to allow writers another avenue to promote. My link is:

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  8. I am a bit late but I still want to share my upcoming debut book. It is not a novel but a poetry book which will feature 100 original poems that are not posted in my blog nor in my Twitter, IG and Facebook accounts. 🙂

    I am done with the first draft and I am now in the layout process. I am both excited and nervous. 🙂

    Thank you for this, Marquessa. ❤

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  9. Thank you for this opportunity Marquessa! How kind!

    I found your link on “Untangled.” Alexis Rose inspired me to go ahead and pursue the self-published route because having control of the content was more important to me than any small bit of fame. I had been through professional editing already and am now in the process of completing the design work through CreateSpace (Amazon) with another round of editing for good measure! It sounds l like I am about 3 weeks out from releasing “The SIx-Foot Bonsai: A Soul Lost in the Land of the Rising Sun” a spiritual memoir that details my 21-year misguided affair with the Japanese culture. A summary can be found on my “The Six-Foot Bonsai” WordPress home page. Here is the short link:

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