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Now, it’s YOUR turn to introduce yourself, share a link and tell us about your blog or a specific blog post! 

Go ahead and BRAG if you want to!

This is what you need to do:

  • Post the link to your blog or a specific post that you would like to share;
  • Reblog, Retweet and/or Share today’s post on your other social media account;
  • Read at least three comments posted before your comment; and
  • visit those three blogs, say hello, leave a friendly comment on their blog and maybe even a “Follow”.

I plan on reposting this post in the future so that we can grow a lengthy list!

Looking forward to seeing your links!

M   xoxo

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142 thoughts on “#Share A Link Today! #WWWBlogs @BloggersBlast @BloggerBees @BBlogRT

  1. I used to write occasionally , but it was always at the back of my notebooks or on pieces of paper which I usually lost or misplaced . After a request from a teacher to submit my writings for the college magazine I was surprised that they had published mine ^^ . So then a friend suggested that I should maybe start a blog n write about what goes on in my mind and so I did it :3 . Do check out my humble blog fellow bloggers :p


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