The Power Of The Spoken Word – #GeneralHospital #soaps


Way, waaay back, I decided to test out the “6 degrees of separation” theory.  

My goal was to see if I could get an interview with Laura Carrington, the actor who originally played the role of Dr. Simone Ravelle-Hardy in the late 198os on General Hospital and Lionel Richie’s love interest in the “Hello” video).

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to know more about the world of tv writing and soap operas where “people of color” were few and far between.

And you know what? The theory absolutely worked.

I landed an interview with the talented and beautiful Laura.

Setting the intention, speaking those words into the universe and taking action did make things happen. 

The power of the spoken word…

Laura was sweet, friendly and accommodating to a non-journalism student who was just writing for fun – the article basically wrote itself. On a lark, I submitted it to a local community newspaper and they published it.

The interview is below.

When I reread the article now, it surprises me that Laura’s words about diversity and writing still ring true, at least, in my opinion:

“if (the writers) don’t change the basic structure of who is writing the scripts, people are naive to the issues. They don’t know what to write and it’s really from ignorance. It seems weird that they won’t do a little research – that’s all they need…Look at the (number) of Black writers, directors…they are minimal.”  

26 + years later – things have changed and not changed…yes, Shonda Rhimes is an amazing powerhouse but we need more like her and of other ethnicities in mainstream media…

laura carrington 1990

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14 thoughts on “The Power Of The Spoken Word – #GeneralHospital #soaps

  1. WORD!!!…. I do believe we can make speak, write and think all into existence. As Octavia Butler is my all time favorite, she too believed in writing ur future into existence. As I’m new here, must say i really enjoyed your post.
    Wit 2 Clicks


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