Reblog: Interview with Marquessa Matthews by Amanda @mandibelle16

A few months back, I had the wonderful opportunity of being interviewed by awesome writer and blogger Amanda, at Mandibelle16.

Thanks Amanda!!!

Answering Amanda’s questions made me reflect and focus on where I would like to take my writing in the new year of 2017. Not only does she have a talent for bringing out the best of people in her interviews, she produces great poetry, fiction and her creativity shines through in the writing prompt she takes on!

Be sure to follow her blog and you’ll be glad you did!

M  xoxo


Welcome to the third edition of my interview series. For this week, I interviewed the creative and talentedMarquessa Matthews. Her sexy, romantic, thrilling, and relatable weekly fiction stories, always leave me wanting more! She has excellent taste in music as well. Please check-out her blogSimply Marquessa here.

Simply Marquessa Marquessa Matthews

  1. Please Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Marquessa Matthews and I’m from Montreal, QC, Canada.Myday job isas a consultantbut in the little free time that I have, you’ll find me elbow deep in dirt in my vegetable garden in the summer, travellingin the spring,and probably shoveling myself out of six- foot snow drift in the winter. As with other writers with whom I’ve exchanged conversation with, I consider myself an introvert and an “observer.”I lovemusic and you’ll always find me listening to something such astalk radio

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