Reblog: “If you’re “picking a side” you’re a part of the problem”

Great post. Though this post was from earlier this year, it will inevitably become relevant again, again and again…

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After the murder of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille a lot of people were silent on social media. They said nothing. They didn’t care. They didn’t feel that it was a problem within their community or something they felt needed to be addressed.

Then 5 police officers were murdered in Dallas and everyone that was silent before, started to talk about how heartbroken they were, how they were praying for their families, how they wanted the violence to end and they changed their profile pictures to show that they supported law enforcement.

All of this is what I have seen on my personal social media platforms and to be quite honest it makes me sick. Why is that people feel the need to rank tragedies in order by which ones they personally feel are “more devastating?”

Why is that you can’t prayer for all families who have lost their loved…

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