5 Ways To Ruin Your Vacation #TravelTuesday

Broken Phone

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When it comes to traveling, we all have our tips and tricks. But there are always new lessons to be learned with each trip you make.

If you’re looking for creative ways to ruin or put a damper on your vacation away from home, here are 5 ways to do just that.

And yes, I have had personal experience with all 5 scenarios…

1. Smartphone Smarts: You finally get your turn at the ticket counter after waiting in a long line to drop off your luggage. As you’re handling your business with the agent, a careless fool bumps you from behind, making you stumble. Your smartphone promptly flies out of your hand, hits the side of the counter and lands on the floor. CRACK! Not only is your cell screen totally cracked, only the emergency number function is working and you have no time to do anything about it before leaving. In other words, you are f***ed. You will have no way of keeping in touch with anyone. WTF to do?

Lesson learned? You know that old smartphone in that drawer at home that still works but that you no longer use because you upgraded to a new model? Just charge it and throw it into your carry-on luggage, especially if the old SIM is compatible with your current smartphone. If something goes wrong, you can pop your SIM into the old cell and it should work. Or use the old one to surf the internet when you are in unsecured hotspot connections. The wifi on your cell will work with no data plan.

2. Extra Extra: You’re at the gate sitting next to a family with a not-so-happy energetic baby or toddler. With Murphy’s Law always on your side, you know that you’ll be the lucky one sitting next to them on your flight. You brush it off because you’ll tune the noise out with your headphones or by watching something on your cell…until you realize that your device battery is almost dead. Now, you’ve got nothing to distract you when the baby or toddler starts crying. To make matters worse, your plane is an older one that has no power source to plug into. It’s going to a very long flight…

Lesson learned? Always bring an extra power source with you. My smartphone batteries always decide to “swell” and die at the worst times, so I always invest in an extra battery and charging cable. I hang on to my cells until I can get free upgrade so I don’t mind the additional expense. And though my mp3 is ALWAYS charged pre-travel, I carry along a portable USB device to give me extra juice if need be.

3. Mo’ Money, Less Problems: You picked a cheaper flight through a quieter connecting airport hub to save a few bucks.I understand that. But when you get to your connection, you are told that your flight is canceled until the next day or will be delayed for the next 6 hours. You are royally pissed because you have no option but to wait it out. Unless you buy your own plane and if that was the case, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, right?  🙂

Lesson learned? It may cost a little more but I always book connections though busy airports like Miami, Philadelphia, etc.  It opens up tons of alternative flight options if I need to change carriers.

4. No Credit Card, Big Problem: In case of theft or loss, you thought it was safer to travel with just one credit card, right? But what do you do when a vendor tells you that the XYZ credit card system is down across the country or that they just don’t take that particular card?

Lesson learned? On a business trip a long time ago, my credit card company’s system was down at the national level and I wasn’t happy about pulling out my debit card to pay (I hate missing out on accumulating loyalty points). Since then, I always have two differently branded credit cards with me with low limits and that I only use when I travel and online shopping.

5. Heavy Load and Overweight Issues: Your luggage was under the allowable weight when you left home and you didn’t buy THAT much stuff to back take home, right? But when you get to the airport and your luggage is weighed, the agent tells you that you need to fork out some major dough for excess weight. Surprise, surprise…unless the agent has his foot on the scale (which happened to me in Mexico once and I called him out on it).

Lesson learned? I hate surprises and wasting money. I always have a small manual luggage scale in the outer pocket of my carry-on. I check my luggage BEFORE leaving for the airport to avoid having to open my luggage in the middle of the airport and stress out trying to stuff into my carry-on, purse or on myself as extra clothing…Now I solve the luggage weight issue before it even starts.

I hope that these were helpful for you and add to the other ones I shared a while back! 🙂

What are some of your tricks? Please share!

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