Lily, Xavi and Matt Will Be Back… #fiction #love #lilyinbloom

Lily, Xavi and Matt…

The Lily story was only supposed to be a one-off piece but I liked having Lily’s strength waver to second-guessing herself.

And then I had a wave of ideas and did some rough bullet point drafts for three more installments to take this mini-story (“Lily In Bloom”) to a more satisfying ending, inspired by these songs:

Part 5 –  24K Magic

Part 6 – It Might Be You

Part 7 – What Could Have Been

If you listen to lyrics of these songs, you’ll probably figure out how what will happen …unless there is a TWIST!

But I wouldn’t do that, would I? *wink wink*

cute beyonce wink flirting flirt


But for now, “6:00AM” was a good place to end and I may revisit these characters for the A to Z Challenge in April 2017.

For those of you reading this post who have no clue what I’m talking about, here are the links to the mini-story, as usual, with music included:

Part 1 – One In A Million

Part 2 – I’d Rather Have A Love

Part 3 – Keep on Walkin’

Part 4 – 6:00AM

Or if you prefer something a less romantic read, I’m trying out a different darker style with “Hate Floats“.

Tell me what you think!

X xoxo







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