“Magnets” – Part 2

couple kissing

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Continuation of “All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You


The massive snowstorm hit the city sooner than expected and I was secretly happy when both of our flights were rescheduled for Boxing Day.

Whether it was divine intervention or a helping hand from the devil, something in the universe was giving us permission to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day together. I was just thankful for an alibi that required no suspicious lies and lame excuses to our significant others. You could fake a lot of things but not the weather.

From the warmth of the King bed, Harry and I watched the snow swirling around outside the hotel window. It was the perfect evening to simply escape under the covers, cuddle, feast on grossly overpriced room service and each other as dessert.

Harry kissed my forehead and cradled me tight in his arms. I knew from the way his fingers caressed my shoulder that we wouldn’t be leaving this bed anytime soon.

It felt so right when it was all so wrong.

“So…what do you want for Christmas?”

His voice was a low whisper, as if he didn’t want to disturb the falling snow. I barely knew Harry but something deep inside of me wanted to say ‘you’.

“All I want is for you to keep me warm, right here, right now,” I whispered back.

“I think that I could arrange that,” he laughed, kissing the top of my head. “You know, we’re like hot cocoa and marshmallows.”

I glanced at him, gathering the duvet closer around our naked bodies.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re hot and I just want to be on top of you,” he laughed, shifting his weight to lay his face on my chest.

I smiled and shook my head as I ran my fingers through his tousled hair.

“That’s the worst line I’ve ever heard. Where did you pick that up?”

Harry’s lips pressed into mine with a gentle force that took my breath away. I felt drunk on his kiss, a feeling I wanted to bottle up and take home with me in my suitcase. Harry drew my deepest need from me.

“Do you really want to talk about that now when we could be doing much more interesting things?”

Every time he called me by that name, I felt dangerous and naughty. It was the name I’d given him, just as Harry was the name he had given me. I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent of his cologne that lingered in the air along with the remnants of the room service tray that lay on the floor next to our clothes.

What was Harry’s real name? Did it even matter?

I shook my head, unable to keep a sinful smile from spreading across my face. He hadn’t touched me yet but I could already feel the imprint of his warm fingers where I wanted them to be again.

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

As the storm blew through the empty streets of New York and we made love, I already missed the times we would never share.

Part 3..TBD

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