#SimplyMarquessa In 2017 #blogging #newyearnewyou

Approaching a new year often leads us to reflect on what changes we’d like to make…

Tkay Maidza unsure thinking pondering tkay

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And no, the above GIF is not me… 🙂

In 2017, I’ll be approaching my site a little differently.

Most of my features will remain and I will even introduce a few more. But they will all be on a more “prescheduled” basis so that I can spend less time online and I have updated my Meet Marquessa page  .

My intention is to post “spontaneous” posts a few times a week based:

Also, it’s time to learn more about other social media so I’ll be using:

  • Instagram to complement my 52 Things In 52 Weeks challenge (my account is set to Private but you can request access); and
  • Twitter to keep in touch, reach out and retweet great stuff I see.

I love posting new fiction and getting feedback but new fiction requires time and energy to edit, time that I could spend reading your blogs and focusing more on the work-in-progress “offline” that is closer to my heart. 

All of that to say that if I post any “new” fiction (unrelated to Izzy & Pete ), it will be “flash” fiction.

Time to focus, focus and focus….

Will you be making any changes to your blog and/or features in 2017? Feel free to share in the Comments.

M  xoxo















12 thoughts on “#SimplyMarquessa In 2017 #blogging #newyearnewyou

  1. I have five free reads planned for feliciadenise.com, and Nesie’s Place will become more author-focused (ALL authors/bloggers are welcome!). Will still feature books and tours.

    Also have two wips planned for Wattpad.

    And if I’m really diligent, I’ll have at least three new releases in ebook and print.

    My planner looks great, but like you said…time to focus, focus, focus!

    Looking forward to your 2017 creations!

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    • You are on a roll Queen! I need to add your author site to my list! And Wattpad? I need to have whatever you’re drinking for all that energy. 😊 I’ve a got some free time coming up and now that my back is better, I’m looking forward to jumping back into your first beautiful creation!!!

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  2. I envy you your courage. Of course you’re young and it comes easier to you. I know I’m afraid of change, so my blogs will go on looking the way they do. No instagram links nor to any of the other new kids on the block.From now on it’s WYSIWYG. I’ve decided that the familiar is very comforting at my age.
    Go on changing and transforming and don’t allow yourself to grow complacent or you’ll stagnate. Allow your youthful energy to keep you constantly up to date and you’ll never be afraid of the changes you can make.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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