Can You Hear Me? #traveltuesday #traveltips

Walkie-talkies with extra batteries


Walkie-talkies with extra batteries

I’ve had these walkie-talkies for more years than I can count. They are still going strong and have paid for themselves many times over.

How do I use them while on vacation?

If I’m traveling with others and depending on the distance involved, I use them to keep in contact with others if:

  • some of us are at the beach and others are at the pool nearby;
  • I’m at one end of the cruise ship and someone else is at the other;
  • we don’t want to have our cells near water and/or leave them unattended;
  • we don’t want to buy cell plans for abroad.

I picked up this hack from a relative who used walkie-talkies to keep in contact with his kids at Disneyland years ago in the days before everyone had a cell phone.

You may find yourself on the same frequency as someone else so decide ahead of time on your “back up channels”. And make sure you pack extra batteries so you don’t have to hunt down a Walgreens.

And even when I travel solo, I still take one with me to the pool and beach and leave it in plain sight to give the “appearance” that I am contact with “someone”.

Paranoid? Maybe.

Smart? Yes. For safety, no one needs to know that you are traveling alone.

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