Childhood Crush – #TBT #georgemichael

Growing up, I thought that I would marry “cute” Michael Jackson.

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Then, I discovered George Michael and quickly learned the difference between “cute” and “sizzling hot“…

george michael

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Yeah, a sizzling, hot bad boy? Need I say more?

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Who was YOUR childhood crush?

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17 thoughts on “Childhood Crush – #TBT #georgemichael

    • David, I apologize for the late response – your comment was in my spam. I never heard of her or that group. Thanks for the Youtube share. Funny how we all had our celebrity crushes. 🙂


  1. The man who delivered the paraffin. We had no central heating in those days. The paraffin man came on Saturdays and he would shout: PARAFFIN, PARAFFIN, PARRAFINNO. My heart fluttered as I picked up the paraffin can and went out to get 2 gallons or however many gallons mum said I should get. She twigged though because she said to my embarrassment: “You like de paraffin man?” I wanted the ground to open up …

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