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Photo credit: Dean Hochman via / CC BY

Sticky notes

If I’m traveling with others, I use sticky notes, like Post-Its, to leave messages for them in a visible place like a bathroom mirror or a cruise cabin door. It’s a great way to let them know where I went, where to meet me for lunch or what time I’ll be back…you get the idea.

I picked up this “sticky note” tip from a friend who used to leave notes for herself in her dorm room since she was living so far away from home. Whenever she would go out on the town with friends or on dates, she would leave herself a note with where she was going, with whom she was going, etc. This was in the early/mid 1990s when having a cell phone was not the norm.

She was far from paranoid (unlike me) but was realistic enough to know that if something sinister happened to her, the police would have a better chance finding her.

As you can see, her sticky notes idea has stuck with me for years.

What are some of your travel tricks?

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