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I HATE packing my carry-on and toiletries.

It’s much more complicated than packing the suitcase because you have to think about TSA rules, what you might need in the plane at arm’s reach, what you won’t need from the above head storage area…

And then after the trip and all that “compartmentalizing”, I unpack everything and hate the process by doing it all over again before the next trip.

Then it dawned on me – why am I even unpacking all of this when I can simply refresh the contents of my toiletries and leave it packed in the carry on?

And that is exactly what I decided to do.

Within days of my last vacation, I refilled toiletries, refreshed my travel-size items, left my emergency travel outfit, packed everything in my carry-on and put away the bag. Even the sunscreen, insect repellent and walking pharmacy items are packed.

The only items missing are current prescriptions, snacks and a “leisure bag”.

If  had to travel tomorrow, my carry-on is basically 95% done!

I didn’t have the patience to take photos/videos of what I personally did but I did find this excellent video from “Ebby Does It All” on YouTube below that basically illustrates a similar approach I take.

Be sure to check out Ebby’s YT channel – she’s got lots of great videos on a variety of things!

What are some of your travel tricks?

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12 thoughts on “Carrying On #traveltuesday #traveltips #52things52weeks @EbbyDoesItAll

  1. Ooo I HATE having a carry-on bag! I just want to check all my luggage and then walk onto the plane with nothing in my hands except my purse (which has the snacks and entertainment things I need). So I try to pack without it. But if I absolutely MUST have one (like when moving to/from Korea) I like to possessions up just in case something gets lost. So I’ll have a few complete sets of clothes in my carry-on, a pair of shoes, basic toiletries and electronics. So if the worst happens and the airline misplaces my main bag, then I can at least survive for a few days.

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  2. I am with you; I want everything in my carry-on! I know it’s not always possible [especially when flying Spirit], but I do it when I can. Either way, I roll most of my clothing to save space. I take versatile pieces [like jean shorts or neutral sandals] so I can have variety without weighing down or stuffing my bag.

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