Bag Lady #traveltuesday #traveltips

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Resealable plastic bags

I admit that I’m a little nuts when it comes to resealable plastic bags as part of my packing process.

But it’s worth it because it avoids accidental spillage all over your clothes. Who wants to ruin everything they planned to wear during your trip?

I once had an aerosol hair spray decompressurize in my suitcase but since it was in a resealable bag, nothing got ruined.

All “leakables” like sunscreen, aerosol spray, creams, and lotions go into these bags. I use smaller bags to organize certain cosmetics, electronic gadgets, and snacks. And being transparent, it’s easy for me to know what is where.

Airport security can see what I have without disturbing all the organizational energy I put into packing.

Some travelers even pack their clothing into resealable bags to keep their items waterproof. I much prefer to use my packing cubes and place them all in an extra large Space Saver bag.

I also use a resealable for my passport, some cash and my cellphone in my travel purse.

Bonus tip: Don’t get sand and water on your cell at the beach or pool. Put it in a resealable ziplock bag and you can still text, check emails and play games through the plastic.

What are some of your travel tricks?

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8 thoughts on “Bag Lady #traveltuesday #traveltips

  1. Totally agree! Because I have so many oily hair care products, I have to have several Ziplocks! Separate note, at first I was like, “Oh yeah! I’m about to listen to Erykah Badu,” then I saw there were words lol and then I was happy again when I saw the video at the end 😉

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