Building An Email List #writerslife

I need to build an email list.

That’s the consistent message I’m hearing loud and clear from all the books and blogs I’ve been reading about self-publishing. From what they all say, it’s essential for future marketing, book promotions and giveaways.

And regardless of whether it’s in print or on your own, since it takes a long time to build those kinds of lists, aspiring authors should start long before they think about publishing.

I’ve also been reading how agents want to see aspiring authors with a certain level of followers on different social media platforms.

Like I said at the beginning of my WordPress journey, I wasn’t interested in the number of followers I had. But I guess that if I want to increase my chances for success as a writer, I have no choice to get more interested in “numbers”.

So I’m starting now.

You may have noticed a few changes:

  • the Mailchimp pop-ups to sign up for my mailing list and
  • that I’m signing off on my fiction posts with a “click here to sign up” , “If you liked this piece and want to see more like it, please click on “Like” and/or “Comment” and share with others who would also enjoy it” or
  • a combination of the two.

If you’d like to sign up, please do. I promise not to bombard you with a deluge of emails.

And over the next few months, I’ll be posting a variety of “Tell A Friend”, “Please Like My Facebook Page“, “Follow Me On Twitter” posts.

When you see these, I’m hoping that you will sign up for my different “calls to action” to help me on my journey to being an author!


M  xoxo

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16 thoughts on “Building An Email List #writerslife

  1. This is a step I should have taken long ago. It’s good advice or at least its consistent advice. I’m awful at self promotion! But I should probably begin now as well. Best of luck, Marquessa!

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  2. My goals have also changed since I started my blogging journey. I’m making similar changes as well and am happy to support your efforts…Better late to the party than to never show up! Good luck to all of us!

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  3. *Following you everywhere!*

    The “author’s platform” ain’t no joke. But each day I have to psyche myself up to ‘do what I’m supposed to be doing’ to better my platform. These tasks are burdensome and I usually abandon them in favor of writing. LOL!

    Maybe…one day.

    Oh, I hate Mail Chimp! Just had to get that out – I’m better now. 😉

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