Pack Your Bags And Get Out! #traveltuesday #traveltips


Packing cubes

I LOVE my packing cubes!

I love them so much that I have given each and every family member a set as gifts over the years. And last Christmas, I gave all of my nieces and nephews the same gift (as you can see from the photo above, I ordered quite a few!).

Personally, I assign and organize each cube for certain clothing when I travel. At a glance, I can see what is packed in each one and it makes my life easy. It also avoids having customs leave the contents of my bag all over the place.

I also always use a cube for my electronics and medication so that if my connecting flight is a smaller plane and I have to valet my carry-on luggage, I simply pull out that cube (mine have “handles”) and take it with me onto the plane.

What are some of your travel tricks?

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