Copy That! #traveltuesday #traveltips


Photo credit: LucasTheExperience via / CC BY-NC-ND

Passports and Credit Cards

Have you ever lost your passport or your credit cards during your trip?

I haven’t nor do I ever plan to if I have anything to say about it!

But if I did, all would not be lost…

 From what I’ve heard, getting a replacement passport in an emergency is easier if you have a photocopy of it with you. I triple up by having a copy with me (separate from my passport), leaving a copy with a relative and scanning a copy into my Evernote.

While I’m at it, I leave a photocopy of the few credit cards (front and back sides) and IDs I’ll be traveling with so that in case of loss, one phone call home would give me all the relevant customer service numbers I would need to cancel my cards.

My brain would not be able to think properly if any of that happened so I prefer to be prepared.

What are some of your travel tricks?

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