Don’t Weight #traveltuesday #traveltips


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Manual Luggage Scale (and an Empty Duffle Bag)

Don’t wait until you get to the airport to be SHOCKED that your luggage is overweight.

Pre-trip, buy yourself a manual luggage scale, pack an empty foldable dufflebag and before your return flight home, weigh your bags.

If your checked luggage is overweight, avoid the ridiculous excess baggage fees (per pound) by maximizing that empty dufflebag and paying the cheaper flat fee to check that extra bag.

Recently, a relative of mine was charged $100 for excess overweight and when I asked him why he didn’t buy himself a cheap bag before heading home and paying the flat $35 for an extra checked luggage, he said that the idea never crossed his mind.

Oh well…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Weight #traveltuesday #traveltips

  1. This is another reason why traveling annoys me now. After you pay the ridiculous ticket prices, which are creatively taxed, you aren’t done. Airlines go after your luggage.

    A former pastor traveled from Michigan to his native Zimbabwe, and by the time he reached his destination, he’d paid half the price of his ticket in baggage fees. I was so outdone and upset, I organized a letter- writing campaign. In the end, he received a voucher for half off his next international flight. We told him to ship items ahead before he left…and to pack light! 😄

    The airline industry should have been reigned in long ago. /end rant.


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