The “Realness” of Katie & Hawaii?  #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge2017

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Katie is “real”.

At least that’s what I’m getting from some of your comments. Dealing with a medical diagnosis, feeling alone in the world and slipping into a dark place with a desire to give up…

And if you don’t have an affinity to Katie, for some of you, maybe Hawaii is “real” for you.

I’ve tried to quietly weave some of my own Hawaian island experiences into the story and if you’ve been, hopefully they have got you reminiscing about your own travels.

When I started writing “Living To Die” as my A to Z Challenge project, my goal was to step away from writing the romantic stories to which I always gravitate.

I wanted to tackle a more serious story and explore questions and thoughts we have all had at one point in our lives:

  • If you had less than 24 months to live, what would you do?
  • Would you give up and wait to die or would you tackle everything on your bucket list?
  • Would you tell anyone or would you keep it to yourself?
  • What regrets would you have about the life you had led or the things you had done?
  • And if you had finally met the perfect man/woman, would you even bother to open up your “dying” heart to them?

These are all questions that Katie is thinking about…

In the coming months, I’ll be revising this story into a novelette/novella and all those who sign up for my mailing list HERE will receive a FREE COPY

I would for you to sign up since I’m trying to build my email list.

Enjoy your Easter weekend with family and friends!

Marquessa xoxo




6 thoughts on “The “Realness” of Katie & Hawaii?  #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge2017

  1. I believe you’re doing a great job telling Kate’s story and dealing with the tough issues.

    Her inner thoughts are quite telling in that the person she is now is not the woman she used to be. Choosing marriage and the stay-at-home-mom route was no small undertaking. Yet, I get the feeling she was made to feel like her best was never enough and she was always lacking. Also, because she didn’t work outside the home, she was shamed for showing anything less than undying gratitude for being “taken care of.” Her self-esteem took a beating.

    In what I’ve learned about Kate, I feel positive a bad medical diagnosis hasn’t made her realize she should have stood up for herself in the past. She knew that all those years ago. But, what having a terminal illness has done for Kate is made her realize her self-worth again. She’s “getting her groove back” so to speak, and not to be taken lightly anymore. Just ask Hannah! 😉

    Anyone in Kate’s situation will reflect over their life as she is doing. There’s no way to honestly do that without including romance. Even if Kate doesn’t find it, the realization of being cheated (HA!) out of her happily-ever-after has to sting. If she can find some small amount of comfort with someone for a time, so be it. But… THIS Kate we’re dealing with is large and in charge, and I don’t see her hiding too much about herself before it’s all said and done.

    I admire your writing and have FAITH in you to lead us on Kate’s journey. It may or may not be the HEA we all crave, but based on your past writings which I’ve enjoyed immensely I TRUST you’ll resolve Kate’s dilemma with an ending which doesn’t have us all running into oncoming traffic.

    Or maybe that’s just me. 😉 😉

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    • Thanks for that GLOWING review though I am now OFFICIALLY behind with “N” due to life. I came up with a semi-HEA a while back but its how to find time to get there properly. Hopefully I won’t have you running into traffic!🤔

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