P is for “Pillow Talk” (2016) – #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z


Continued from “Mercedes Boy”

Pillow Talk (Zoey)

I was convinced that something was alive and kicking right behind my eyes.

My head throbbed and it took all my energy to focus. And when I did, all I saw were blurs of white on white. White drapes, white walls and the white sheet that contrasted against the ugly white and blue hospital gown I was wearing.

The hospital?

Just as I realized that’s where I was, I saw Jack asleep in a chair by the window. His head was leaned back against the wall, his mouth wide open and quietly snoring. That’s when it hit me – the last thing I remembered was seeing car lights in my face. I tried to right myself in the bed but my chest hurt so much that I screamed out in pain.

Jack’s eyes flew open and he came scurrying over to me.

“Zoey! You’re awake.”

Jack looked relieved. When he reached out to touch my arm, I tried to get away. He saw the fear in my eyes.

“Don’t touch me!”

Jack’s eyes grew to the size of golf balls and he backed away from the bed.

“It wasn’t me Zoey! I saw the car that jumped the curb and hit you. I swear, it wasn’t me.”

I believed him as far as I could throw him. I must still have been giving him a death stare because Jack continued.

“Zoey, I’m the one who called 911 and there were witnesses. You can ask the police!”

It took me a while to process what he was saying and then I calmed down.

“I’m sorry Jack. Did they find who hit me?”

Jack shook his head.

“No, but the police are on it.”

He grabbed my purse from the chair where he’d been sitting and took out my cell.

“Your cell was smashed. Do you want to use mine to call someone? Maybe your family? Your boyfriend?”

“No, my parents live in Florida and it would just worry them. If I’m breathing, I’m fine, right?”

“Then, what about your boyfriend?”

I hesitated. The hottie from the club I’d been spending some nights with didn’t qualify as a boyfriend and I wasn’t interested in giving him the impression that he had that title.

“I don’t remember his number.”

Jack cocked his head to the side and looked at me as if he’d caught me in a lie.

“You don’t remember your boyfriend’s number?”

It must have been the painkillers or something they had given me because I suddenly caught myself thinking that Jack wasn’t half-bad looking.

But he was still annoying as hell.

“I don’t remember anyone’s number if it’s in my phone. Do you know your girlfriend’s number by heart?”

Even in such pain, I wasn’t going to let Jack paint me into a corner.

Jack snorted and pulled up the chair close to the bed and sat down.

“I don’t need to remember my girlfriend’s number because I don’t have one.”

Jack sounded a little dejected and I was surprised.

“Really? And here I thought that you were oh-so-popular with the ladies.”

Jack shook his head.

“Looks can be deceiving. And so are most women.”

I recognized the sadness in his eyes and the flash of anger that momentarily clouded his face. Jack’s hurt was still fresh.

I winced in pain and held my chest for relief but it didn’t help. Even breathing hurt and I suddenly felt like I would pass out. I must have turned a few shades of green because Jack quickly jumped up and started rearranging the pillows behind my back to get me comfortable.

“Careful Zoey. I heard them say something about a possible broken rib.”

In his haste to help me, his cheek accidentally brushed against mine. He quickly pulled away from me and actually looked a little scared at our contact.

“Getting run over is what it took to get some pillow talk with me,” I tried to joke. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

We both laughed but mine was very short-lived because pain took over. Jack saw it on my face and frowned.

“I’m going to find a nurse or someone for you, okay?”

He rushed towards the door. I watched as he rushed towards the door. From the back view, Jack’s body wasn’t half-bad either….

I wondered what was in my IV drip to make me loopy enough to give him a once over.


He stopped at the doorway.


“You’ve got to stop trying so hard with the women around you. It’s not working,” I squeaked out.

Jack gave me an embarrassed nod and scurried out the room.

Maybe, just maybe, I’d been too quick to judge Jack’s book by his annoying cover.

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos above.



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