S is for “Stronger” (2016) – #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z


Continued from “Ordinary”.

Stronger (Victoria)

He had me pinned to the bed so that I could barely move. I was overwhelmed by the stench of stale beer on his breath and the odor of his cheap cologne that rubbed off on my skin.

A, B, C…

With my face turned towards the window to avoid his mouth, his stubble was like steel wool scratching the skin off my cheek. Resisting only made things worse and so I lay still, continuing to recite the alphabet in my head like I always did.

D, E, F…

I never said yes. But I never said no. I never uttered a word to anyone about it because the blame would simply boomerang back on me.

G, H…

At least it would be over as quickly as it always started.

I, J…

The one tiny lingering doubt about what I had done earlier died when he shuddered and collapsed on top of me.


He promptly fell asleep and I was a prisoner under his weight.

He couldn’t even make it to M this time.

Then again, what I’d slipped into his beer had probably taken effect too…

I slipped my shaking hand under the pillow to where I’d hidden my cell earlier. I had wanted to be stronger and handle this all on my own but now I realized that I needed help.

I hit the speed dial for Ella – she always knew what to do.

I just prayed that she’d answer my call.

Continued – “Trouble”.

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

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