#TravelTuesday: Keeping It Clean, Cheap and Quick #travel

Old travel dog, new travel tricks?

If you’re a follower on Instagram, you have seen all the pretty pictures and videos shared from my last trip. Here are a few new tricks I learned and am sharing:

Keeping It Clean: During my trip to Hawaii, the airport shuttle service broke the handle off of my (old) suitcase so I had to get a new one. This new one is lightweight, sturdy and to keep it clean for as long as possible, I sprayed it down with exterior-grade Scotchguard before leaving a few weeks ago. I wanted it to stay looking cute and stain and grease-free from the airport conveyor belts and waterproof if left out in the rain while waiting to be loaded. I’m glad to report that the stains it did get were easily wiped off upon my return home!

Recycled “sprinkles” bottle:  When I cleaned out my pantry, I hung onto the tiny little bottles that the cake “sprinkles” come in, knowing that I could find a way to recycle them and I did. Technically, you should leave pills in their rightful bottles when you travel but I didn’t feel like lugging both bottles for my last trip so this is what I did (below).

Shoulda, Shoulda and Finally Did: Looking back, I’ve wasted ridiculous money on buying a talk/data travel plan from my cell provider ($40 for 120 minutes of calling back to Canada). This time, I stopped being lazy and bought a cheap unlocked Blu phone ($90) and a Roam Mobility sim card ($10) and their $40 Unlimited North America plan with 2GBs. And since I still have a landline, I forwarded all my calls to my travel cell to avoid checking my other voice mail.

Yes, it was still $$$ spent upfront but the cell and the sim will pay for themselves over and over again and I can lend it out to my family if need be. An added bonus is that if my current cell dies, I can use the cheap unlocked one as a back-up since it is Canada-compatible. If only I had done this years ago, I could have saved sooooo much money…

Use it, abuse it and then get rid of it: I downloaded the airline app and signed up for flight status SMS notifications. I no longer worried about which gate I was landing at and how fast and far I would have to run if the connection was tight. The app told me what the airline attendant wasn’t even sure of. I even checked in via app to secure my aisle seats and then printed out the boarding pass once at the airport. Now that the app has served its purposed, I’ve uninstalled it.

If you would want more tips, you can check out this post:  “10 Essentials To Make Travel Easier“.



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10 thoughts on “#TravelTuesday: Keeping It Clean, Cheap and Quick #travel

  1. I just find it easier to take advantage of free wi-fi where I can and just take my phone with me. No calls though. I don’t need that phone bill returning to Dubai.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Man, did I make use of the Unlimited calls back home and within Puerto Rico. It felt freeing not having to wonder if I would run out of minutes! And thanks for the RT. I got your novella today…😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You know we had those same issues back in the day in the states, then it went from one destination state-of-choice to friends-and-family to coast-to-coast. I’m just over an hour from Mexico, so all the U.S. plans in my area include unlimited minutes to Mexico plus one other country of choice.

        Someone will eventually figure out a truly AFFORDABLE international plan and we’ll all be talking! LOL! 😉

        Hope you enjoy Lennie’s story.

        Liked by 1 person

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