52 Things In 52 Weeks On Steroids #52things52weeks #simplymarquessa

I didn’t ditch my 52 Things in 52 Weeks.

Well…not completely.

I’ve been tackling them on and off, in a haphazard way and after this post, I’ll be tackling the rest “offline” or as “photos” on Instagram.

I’m no longer finding them “blog-worthy” since many are more “to do”, which is kind of boring, than doing things that are an “experience”.

You know what they say about best laid plans. And since I’m a woman, I’m free to change my mind, right?

Anyhoot, here are a few visuals just to close the loop on a few of the items I had listed and because some of you asked me questions.

My quest for “cleaner” products

The first tiny batch of homemade non-toxic toothpaste I made earlier in the year lasted over two months and made my teeth feel clean – all day. I’m no mathematician but with only three ingredients to make it myself, that two month batch could only have cost me pennies. Yup, pennies!

This is one habit that I will NOT be giving up.

Making my own toothpaste also led me back to my old habit of making my own facial moisturizer with a coconut oil base.

My personal “facial concoctions” keep my face hydrated all day long as opposed to the expensively branded stuff at the beauty counters whose contents I can’t pronounce and that make my face “dry” up hours later.

And while I’m on the topic of coconut oil, I’ve completely switched to cooking with this good fat.

Back to basics…

My desire to purge my baking past

I used to enjoy baking, mainly from scratch and in a time crunch, even the not-as-tasty commercial stuff.

But when I realized that my homemade cheesecakes (I loved “customizing flavors” for personal requests) was costing me the same to make as buying one already done from the fancy pastry store, I stopped.

So those baking days are long gone and these items below were way, way, way past their expiration dates and needed to be tossed.

Resisting the temptation

I also gave away and/or threw out all the not-so-good-for-me crap in my fridge. Then, I scrubbed it down, shelf by shelf. I haven’t seen my fridge this sparkly clean and empty since the day it was bought.

Basically all I have left are containers of protein powder, supergreens and coffee cream. And now that I’m back for a while, the plan is to only buy what I need for the week – nothing more. Prepping and cooking on Sunday for the week is also part of the plan.

Declutter the free and mini-cosmetic clutter

I have a slight addiction to small, tiny things…at least when it comes to cosmetics.

On my first trip to London at the age of four, I fell in love with the mini sized cottled creams, butters and jams as part of the meal served on the plane and I’ve a “thing” ever since. I even remember a few of the mini-soaps “falling into my pocket” back when there was “real” soap in plane bathrooms. ๐Ÿ™‚

So you know that’s why, as an adult, I can’t resist or turn down free sample sizes of anything.

But it was time to reduce the amounts I had accumulated. I stopped buying hair and bath products, have been using the samples I have and will buy nothing new until they are used.

Recycle from bits and pieces

I use a small television as a second screen for my laptop but did not feel like spending money on a gadget to prop it up to the higher level. I scrounged around in my garage, found left over pieces of pine from last year’s renovations and voilร ! It’s not the prettiest hack but it fits the bill.

When I have time, a few dabs of contractor’s glue and a little spray paint will do the trick!

I’ve surprised myself over the years at how I can recycle and re-purpose stuff I already have or was about to throw out. And no, I can assure you that my place does not look like a second-hand garage sale.

Books, books and more books – research and rereads

I’ve been reading more varied books (short stories, health-related and more non-fiction) for personal knowledge and research for future writing projects. Here are a few visuals:

And below are the books I would like to reread over the short term. There are so many more boxes these are a start!

And as you already know, part of my 52/52 list was to pen a novella and that is what I did thanks to the 2017 A to Z Challenge! Revisions of it are in the works!

If you are interested, I’ll be continuing the others on my Instagram!



M xoxo


















9 thoughts on “52 Things In 52 Weeks On Steroids #52things52weeks #simplymarquessa

  1. Oh my God! I feel the same way about my Project40at40 too! I did many small stuff that I had no idea how to describe in a blog post and that explains why I’m just at 4! ๐Ÿ˜€ I may have to rethink this project or extend it to next year too LOL Congratulations though on accomplishing a fair bit! I especially like that you made your own toothpaste! Am going to follow you on instagram now! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • In a small bowl with a fork, I mixed equal parts coconut oil and sulphate free bicarbonate soda (but I added a bit more soda to have a thicker consistency). For an added antibacterial agent, I add enough drops of essential peppermint oil to add smell and a less chalky taste. I keep a small mason jar in the medecin cabinet. So simple to make and only takes a few minutes.

      Liked by 1 person

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