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A part of me has a HUGE pet peeve with certain blogs that I just can’t overcome…

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I love it when some of you reblog my posts.

If I didn’t want you to, I wouldn’t enable the “reblog” function on my posts. And if YOU have the “reblog” function enabled, I assume that you are of the same thinking.

But I’ll be very honest.

A part of me has a HUGE pet peeve when my work is reblogged on blogs/sites that do not have original content created by the owner of the blogger himself/herself.

When I say “no original content”, I truly mean “absolutely no original content” by the owner of the blog:

  • No poetry or fiction that took the owner of the blog hours to ponder, draft and finally post;
  • No essays or commentary on current events that took energy to present the pros, cons and their personal opinions by the blog owner;
  • No book or movie reviews that involved hours of reading and watching of movies by blog owner; and
  • No vlogs that took time to make, edit and post…

The blogs to which I’m referring oftentimes don’t even have a common thread that links any of the reblogs together so it’s basically a collection of other people’s hard work!

It bothers me because I pour a lot of time, energy and love into my blog posts and it feels as though someone is simply scooping them up to fill in gaps on their blogs or increase the number of followers to their site.

It bothers me because they don’t even offer an introductory statement stating why they are reblogging someone else’s post.

If I reblog someone’s post, I redirect readers back to the blogger’s original post to comment – that it is the right thing to do.

I may be wrong to feel this way but I can’t help it. It’s simply the truth.

And while I’m at it, below are three blogs I enjoy that encourage networking, they often reblog quality content from others and they have great original content of their own:

An Opinionated Man

Dream Big, Dream Often

The Story Reading Ape


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29 thoughts on “Tell Me Why – #writerwednesday #reblogs #amblogging


    It had to be said. I’ve been thinking it for quite some time. *Shrugs* I’ve blocked people on Twitter for the same thing. Retweeting all of my tweets. Every. Single. One. With no original posts of their own. Time to step up and let their voice be heard instead of being a constant echo.

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    • I thought about the “blocking” thing on WP since I’ve politely asked the constant reblogger(s) involved not to do it – I guess it’s my next step. But they could use other options to share….I’m guilty of retweeting on Twitter though I’m not Kardashian enough to tweet about the fabulously posh things I’m doing! 😉 But I retweet others to promo their stuff or great quotes from others.

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  2. Very rarely will I re-blog someone else’s work. Honestly, I feel like I should do it more. But I did re-blog a piece you did recently, because it made me burst into tears. Anything that pulls that sort of reaction out of me, I’ve got to share.

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  3. Been there. I actually know some people who only reblog but never ever write anything as to who they are and what they write about. I reblog pieces that truly move me. I tend to tweet and Facebook post a lot of other blog posts to drive traffic to the bloggers site.

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  4. I totally agree too, Marquessa.

    I rarely reblog posts, I prefer linking my favorite posts or bloggers in original posts where I can talk about the author and/or the story. I usually just reblog invitations to Meet & Greet parties, since they don’t need much introduction 😉

    I guess people who own reblogs-only blogs must have a reason to do it, but I don’t understand.

    Luckily, there are some people like Danny and OM who give exposure to fellow bloggers in a more personalized way 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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  5. Ah! Sometimes I feel guilty for reblogging so much, but the post is always too good not to share. I wholeheartedly agree that surely you have something to say if you have a blog. Something!

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  6. Tumblr for the most part is reblogging and is a prime reason why I moved my blogging to WordPress where people are by-in-large focused on original work. I wanna see new things not the same thing over and over again.

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  7. I’ve had a couple of my posts reblogged that left me baffles as to why. There was no intro to my pieces and no request to comment back to the original post. I’m confused about the motivation for this inane practice.

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