#BarAThon Is Over! @NatsCosmicrain @blogarhythm1


Congratulations to all my fellow #BarAThoners on finishing the challenge!

It was my first #BarAThon Challenge and not only was it interesting but also challenging. As per most challenges, I discovered some great new blogs and made a few more blog friends. During the challenge, I had the pleasure of reading a number of other Barathon participant blogs and if you are curious, I encourage you to search #Barathon in Twitter.

Initially, the theme and prompts took me for a loop in the beginning, especially “Lord of the Files” but I simply wrote whatever came to mind and tried to run with it – some typical tropes, some twisted fiction with not-so-happy-endings and a mélange of both…

Thanks to Natasha @NatsCosmicrain for throwing down the challenge to participate with her! You can check out Natasha’s blog here.

If you missed them, here is a recap of all of my seven #BarAThon posts:

The Fault In Our Stares –  On her way out of town, a woman sees her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend;

Life of Pie – This is a random list of things about moi that you really never needed to know;

Of Ice and Men – A teenage girl has her latest dreams dashed by her stepmother again;

War and Pieces – This story will make you think twice about the “friends” you trust and with whom you travel;

Lord of the Files – A geeky girl with a crush on her co-worker is so deep in the woods that she can’t see the trees;

Suns and Lovers – A woman finally finds a real man at the wrong time in her life;

Call of the Wind – Tap, tap and delete! This is an important lesson for all women on how to treat yourself as a priority when he is choosing to make you an option.

M  xoxo

All Rights Reserved ©2017 Marquessa Matthews

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9 thoughts on “#BarAThon Is Over! @NatsCosmicrain @blogarhythm1

  1. Awww Marquessa, how sweet of you to mention me here. Very touched. I’m glad you enjoyed the Barathon, as much as I did. Big Hugs and Big Love ❤

    Oh yes, and your posts were fabulous as ever!

    Liked by 1 person

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