Breaking My Blog #writerwednesday #writerslife

Cutting back on the blog is my way of getting more time to edit my novella.

I gave myself 10 days to edit and revise 10 pages per day, knowing full well that there would be a few bumps. I’m about 20 pages behind schedule but if I don’t get distracted by another sappy Hallmark movie, I’ll catch up on the weekend.

There is only so much I can do in 24 hours but I sometimes have a hard time remembering that.Β Purposely “underwriting”, editing my posts less and reposting older content is helping me find more time.

I also keep reminding myself that my goal is to publish my fiction, not post on the daily.

I may have a bunch of followers but I don’t kid myself into thinking that they are waiting with bated breath for each of my posts!

So to keep reminding myself of my goal, I’ll be “breaking my blog” bit by bit to post more about the “writing process” and writing in general.

I’m a writer who blogs to hone my skills, share my musings and exchange with YOUΒ in the wonderful world of WP.

Which begs the question:

“Are you a writer who blogs or a blogger who writes?”

M xoxo









42 thoughts on “Breaking My Blog #writerwednesday #writerslife

          1. At least I think I’m doing a good job of being present IRL. I was afraid I was missing out on some crazy new social media writing site: IRL. Introverts wRite Lots? I Read Literature? Icky Reality Longhand?

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  1. I’m not sure which I am. A lot of the time, I think I’m a blogger who writes but that makes me sound like I’m not a serious writer… and maybe that’s accurate. I don’t often refer to myself as a ‘writer’ because I’m not published or trying to get published. I just write because I enjoy it… blog or no blog. Some say I’ve written things worthy of publishing, but I don’t have the confidence to always believe that and I certainly don’t have the confidence to pursue being published!

    Maybe I’m like kriztle34 … a blogger who secretly wants to be a writer… but maybe not secretly. πŸ™‚

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    1. Lacking confidence is an issue for us but we are writers! We don’t need to be published to be one. Its not the be all or end all. Like you, I enjoy it so much that I sometimes wonder if I should bother with publishing because I’m having so much fun posting the fiction on the blog. And you have LOTS of material that is publishing-worthy…believe that and ALL the others who follow you! 😚😚

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      1. You’re sweet. β™₯ I truly feel like I run out of ideas, though… even in a middle of a story, I’ll get to a place where I can’t come up with ‘enough’ plot. It frustrates me. In fact, I’m writing a post about that right now…!

        The publishing thing… maybe I have a few things that are good enough but most are not long enough… and they’re certainly far from polished enough! β™₯ πŸ™‚ xo

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  2. Definitely a writer who doesn’t blog nearly as often as she used to! I feel that struggle to find more balance between the two, because we never want to see people lose interest in either one. Both are equally time consuming and can require a little soul-baring, finding a niche voice, plus thorough editing, so I think even those who identify as ‘bloggers’ are indeed, their own unique brand of writers. As many of the comments already mentioned, it’s probably what we do beyond the blogosphere that would be the best answer to your question.

    Great post and good luck with your edits! πŸ™‚

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