Cute, Handsome or Sexy

I was scrolling through some of my old posts and came across a #ManCrushMonday post from when I was trying out some Twitter trend tags, hence the idea for today’s post…

Years ago, I worked at a popular establishment that had hundreds of clients coming through the doors every day. It was crazy busy, always fun and the entire staff got along famously. As part of the “brand”, we couldn’t use our real names so I decided to call myself “Midnight” for the summer. Truth be told, it was kind of cool to be recognized by that name off-the-clock when I least expected it.

And NO, it wasn’t that kind of establishment so get your head out of the gutter – it had to do with gaming!

But I digress…

I often worked the same shift as Jean*, a guy who could have been a model for a cologne commercial. Actually, Jean was a working model/actor/aspiring singer with the typical chiseled face, high cheekbones and shoulder length hair that was popular back then. Jean was a sweetheart of a guy and it was always amusing to see how many female clients would do a double-take at him, especially when he would practice his “model moves” with me like the one above (with his shirt “on” of course).

Because it was always so busy, Jean would often play the “cute, handsome or sexy” game with me to see if we had the same taste in men. Whenever a man he found interesting walked in, Jean would say “cute, handsome or sexy” to me and tell me his “rating”. Then I would either agree or disagree.

Looking back, I can see how politically incorrect this was but since it was Jean’s game, don’t frown at me

We always agreed on the “cute” and “handsome”, but it was clear that his “sexy” and my “sexy” differed and that led us into a number of conversation.

For Jean, it was all based on a guy’s looks while for me, “sexy” was more than looks – “sexy” included a man’s attitude, intelligence, confidence and how he carried himself.

I mean, a man can be “sexy” without being cute or gorgeous – he could be your average-looking man with a je ne sais pas quoi about him like, for example, Javier Bardem. He’s not my cup of tea but he’s got something going for him. Then again, it could be his accent too…




I can already see this post is going long so I’ll stop here with this question:

What do you think? Can someone be sexy without necessarily being hot, cute or attractive?

And if so, could you name a celebrity who would fit that bill?

*not his real name

All Rights Reserved ©2017 Marquessa Matthews

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15 thoughts on “Cute, Handsome or Sexy

  1. I would put him in the hot, cute & attracive categories, but judging by many women I know, Mads Mikkelsen would qualify. A lot of people describe him as “odd” yet, he has a magnetism that is hard to describe 😉

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  2. The first person I thought of was Hugh Laurie, but maybe mostly his character, Dr. House. There’s something sexy about him (and although hidden on the show, he’s British, so also the accent)… He’s not hideous or anything, but I wouldn’t call him cute or handsome. Maybe sometimes handsome. Then there’s Alex from Hawaii Five-0. He’s all of the above. 🙂

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  3. Seems like an interesting game. I often think women have a different view in general that “sexy” does include more than just looks but personality, manner, etc. I may say a guy is hot but if I go out on a date and he’s a jerk to the waitress, doesn’t tip her, spends half the night on the phone, than immediately wants to sleep with me, already somewhere in there that guy stopped even being hot.

    However, maybe I just thought he was good looking but maybe not my type but I get to know him, he’s fun, kind to others, opens the door for me, and is just as concerned about getting to know me as he us other things, that just good-looking or okay guy had turned damn sexy!

    For celebrities, hard to say. Every once and a while, I think one is really fine for a while but then you can never know them so you lose interest, find a cuter one.

    I liked Jamie Dornan for a while, not b/c if 50 shades (although he liked great in that) but also his accent and b/c in real life he was a down to earth guy, a good father to 2 little kids, a faithful husband etc.

    Liam Hemsworth (even though) he’s young as well b/c I mean to still love Miley and want to marry her after her crazy rebellious period that’s something, along with the Aussie accent and more chiseled goodlooks.

    And Brad Pitt pretty much in 7/8 of the pictures I’v seen him in, or the movies etc. akways sexy as is George Clooney. They have that likeable, real, and kind quality about both if them. Plus, both good Dad’s.

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      • Silver Fox I guess? He’s one of those guys that as he gets older he’s become better looking. I think it’s his personality to friendly, open, and dated a lot but never married until he found Amel. But taste is different for everyone in that regard.

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