Are All Writers Introverts? 

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Naturally, all writers are not introverts.

But most of the blogs and books that I read are written by self-proclaimed introverts – the kind of writers who grew up spending lots of time in their own thoughts and who thoroughly enjoy their own company.

One of the items on my 52/52 list is to stay at home in my pyjamas for an entire weekend and not leave the house so yeah, I’m an introvert. But I’m by no means shy…well, at least not for a very long time.

This Huffington Post article lists 23 signs to determine if you are introvert.

My score?

21/23 but I won’t tell you the two I “missed”. 😊

But since I told you my score, you’ll need to tell me yours. How do you score in this article below?

“23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert”

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29 thoughts on “Are All Writers Introverts? 

  1. I’m an introvert… and a hermit. I struggled with the question that mentioned party. I certainly wouldn’t go to meet new people… but the thing is… I wouldn’t go at all. Anyway… I also scored 21/23. I think it’s flawed. I should be 23/23. 🙂

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  2. Like your post, I came upon it, and thought how funny you mention most writers are introverts, I have a post in relation to myself as introvert.

    hahaha! was laughing through the whole thing, just because is so accurate, here is my score — 21/23

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