Are All Writers Introverts? 

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Naturally, all writers are not introverts.

But most of the blogs and books that I read are written by self-proclaimed introverts – the kind of writers who grew up spending lots of time in their own thoughts and who thoroughly enjoy their own company.

One of the things I would love to do is stay at home in my pyjamas for an entire weekend and just chill so yeah, I lean towards the introvert side.

This Huffington Post article lists 23 signs to determine if you are introvert.

My score?

21/23 but I won’t tell you the two I “missed”. 😊

But since I told you my score, you’ll need to tell me yours. How do you score in this article below?

“23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert”

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30 thoughts on “Are All Writers Introverts? 

  1. I’m an introvert… and a hermit. I struggled with the question that mentioned party. I certainly wouldn’t go to meet new people… but the thing is… I wouldn’t go at all. Anyway… I also scored 21/23. I think it’s flawed. I should be 23/23. 🙂

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    1. You have me smiling about the not going at all part…me too! There was a period of time where some of my friends friends thought I was a figment of their imagination ’cause they would talk about me and had never met me at their functions. I prefer one on one or just a few.🙂

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    2. entropyismyenemy

      I struggled with that question too. But then thought back to the parties I had been forced to attend and realized I’d only agreed to in order to be with my friends.

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  2. Like your post, I came upon it, and thought how funny you mention most writers are introverts, I have a post in relation to myself as introvert.

    hahaha! was laughing through the whole thing, just because is so accurate, here is my score — 21/23

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