When You’re Tired, You Should Never Play With Your… (2015)


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(Repost from 2015)

I was tired and sleepy. But instead of going to bed like a normal person would, there I was, playing around with the WordPress templates to see if I could freshen up my blog.

I was debating it since it took me so long to tweak what you see right now. You see, when I first started on WP, I spent an entire weekend figuring out the difference between pages, posts, tags and categories. It was frustrating but definitely a learning experience.

You’d think that I now know enough to test out new templates without screwing up my current one, right?


I hit Customize instead of Try and my blog went haywire.

After more than a little panic, I undid the damage but that definitely took the sleep out of my eyes.

This lesson just adds to my already long list of things not to do, especially when I’m tired.

If it ain’t broke and it’s working just fine, maybe it’s best to leave it alone.

Except for the widgets. Well, maybe the widgets and the menu…

Are you thinking about freshening up your blog? 

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Originally posted on December 20, 2015.







29 thoughts on “When You’re Tired, You Should Never Play With Your… (2015)

  1. Just yesterday I spent half the day preparing for a theme change, then found a hiccup in the new theme and had to retrace my steps. I then spent another couple hours putting my current site back as it was. The moral of that story is that I better appreciate the theme that I have.

    I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that trying on new themes is seductive and perhaps the bloggers equivalent to retail therapy.

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  2. Yes good idea, I have a separate one for a ‘tester.” However this last time I just winged it going back to an earlier theme I had used a little while. You can save your blog, somewhere it says that dont know if that helps. Also I have found my widgets did not go away but were inactive I think they called it, not able to give better comment but wanted to chime in . Best wishes.

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  3. You are not alone. Recently, when the flu bugged me and I was feeling bored and restless, I decided to play with WP settings. I ended up creating a huge mess on my site and follows. I regretted my ignorant action, and actually needed WP engineers to get things back to normal for me 😅

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  4. I “almost” lost an entire blog post after doing too many edits (when I was tired.) Somehow I was able to find the version I needed, but I was doing this late at night. Rule of thumb: don’t mess around with stuff when I’m tired; better to post it late than get into that mess!

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  5. I started a new blog a few days ago, fumbled with a few themes and finally settled on one… will keep it for a while. But when you start a spanking brand new blog, you start from scratch. Meaning images, categories, tags etc., you start all of them anew again.

    Generally I enjoy changeovers and prefer themes where I am in full control of my colors or at least background one. Am using my own color codes whenever a mood strikes

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  6. I have some other blogs – I keep them to remind me that they are the right place to experience changes…
    this one is “the blog” – tired of it? I keep changing widgets and the way I edit posts, I’ve learned that themes are a radical measure which can go wrong – I have never changed the theme or even the header of “the blog” – if that happens I think that would be the equivalent to being tired of life or the way I look, so there’s no change – I have to accept it as it is! :D:D:D

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  7. I did some freshening on my blog but I’m also working on new content. I’m an author and find that I need to explore move avenues of things I love not just books, though books are amazing. It’s a new year goal for me to explore more in my own world using my blog. I’m really glad you were able to recover your wordpress site to normal.

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  8. Um….NO! It took me almost a year to figure out what “tags” meant and it took even longer to figure out how to “edit” something and have it fix. I had no idea you had to hit “update.” LOLOL
    A squirrel is more computer literate than I. 😦

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