Don’t Justify Your Love

writing keeps me sane

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Have you ever give up on writing?

Long ago when I participated in the WP Writing 101 course, a number of participants listed some of these reasons for giving up on writing years ago:

  • family would invade their privacy by reading their journals or creative work without permission;
  • being accused of basing fictional characters on family and friends;
  • people assuming that everything written was 100% true, especially the more “mature” content;
  • sharing their personal feelings or writing frankly about a topic only to be interrogated about the meaning behind their words.

It was astounding to these reasons pop up so much.

To be writers and storytellers, we need to develop a thick skin but you don’t need to justify anything to anyone anymore.

You write to express yourself and you do not have to justify what you write and why you write.

You write because you are a writer.

It’s as simply as that.

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Updated from original Justify Your Love, November 10, 2015

51 thoughts on “Don’t Justify Your Love

  1. As writers we put our heart and soul into our work and I think if our privacy is invaded, questioned or ridiculed then it hurts. Unless you’ve gone throught the process of writing something that is personal or you put a lot of work into, then you don’t appreciate how that feels. That I think is the problem for me…

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  2. I started writing, really writing in 7th grade. She saw something in me. She encouraged me. Her words have stuck with me ever since even when people tell me that writing is a waste of time. I don’t know if this teacher remembers me. I don’t know if she knows what she did for me. But I will never forget her.

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    1. That’s so sweet! I had a teacher just like that. She was my elementary school English teacher from grade 2 through 6 (i was in French school). She would read and discuss every story I wrote. ☺ I so missed her when it was time for high school!

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  3. lasamaritana888

    Truth. Some of my writing is upbeat. And at times I sound downright ornery and cantankerous. But that’s me. Can’t and won’t change that about myself. I am who I am.

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  4. I have experienced all the scenarios you talked about and at some point I decided to become a rebel. I write what I feel and embrace the fact that occasionally to deal with pain, I write in the third person. Just got another great idea, off to post:-)

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  6. neogeekgifts

    Never give up any kind of art because you’re afraid what people will think. True art will come easily when you let go of the barriers holding you back – like what other people think and fear of failure!

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  7. I have been seriously thinking about deleting my blog. It has been “found” by members of my family…family members who wouldn’t give me the time of day and now…suddenly want to tell me that they don’t remember any of the pure hell I went through. Right. I resent the fact that they read it.

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        1. Nope. Your truth is your truth and if they don’t like it…The thing is, so much of what you say I know is true without even “knowing” you because so much of it is “textbook”. On the other hand, you can take a page out of a mutual friend’s book and start a new space and contact each of your “true” followers…it could save you the drama…

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                    1. Ha! Ok then my last bit of advice from me the non techie is to sign out of everything, clear your cache, and restart your computer. Or create a new account from someone else’s computer!🤔

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  8. I don’t think I commented on this before, but I have to say the answer is yes, and oddly enough, I’ve just written about this recently. I’ll release it in September. Also odd is I mention Blogging 101/201 (or whatever the title was) in that post as well. I must add that you’re absolutely right. We must write, whether anyone else has something to say about it or not.

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  9. I’m with you. 🙂

    I used to wish that my family cared to read my writing, but now… I’m glad they don’t have any interest. I’m glad my blog is anonymous… because I don’t want to have to defend a single word I write… and I don’t want to change anything because I know they’re reading. I want to (have to) write … but no one else has to like it. And I’ve never even thought of giving up writing.

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