#TravelTuesday: Are You The Ideal Travel Partner?

Cute couple outside The Mission, Santa Barbara (2016) taken by Marquessa Matthews
Cute couple outside The Mission, Santa Barbara (2016) taken by Marquessa Matthews

We need to talk” is a phrase you usually don’t want to hear when you’re in a “love” relationship. But for friends planning on traveling together, it’s a good starting point for a pre-trip discussion.

Travel preparations are stressful so the last thing you want is to be stressed while you are actually on vacation with a (new) travel partner. If you’re not careful, you may end up wishing that you had stayed home and saved your money!

If you’re not comfortable traveling solo, compromise, “give and take” and flexibility are essential parts of the travel equation.

Do yourself a favor, have a candid talk with the person you plan on traveling with to determine your compatibility before booking non-refundable tickets.

Are you:

– messy but they are a neat freak?
– a sun worshipper but they seek shade?
– an adventurer/explorer while they are laid-back and don’t like to do much?
– a superplanner versus their fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants attitude?
– an early bird but they are a night owl?
– an introvert versus their extrovertness?
– a seasoned traveler but they are a newbie?
– the type that wants to be joined at the hip all the type but with an “I’ll do my thing and you do yours sometimes” friend?

It all sounds like a common sense discussion to have but many don’t bother, thinking that all will go smoothly.

Until it doesn’t and they find themselves in a very delicate and T-E-N-S-E situation…

Image and content Â©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


88 thoughts on “#TravelTuesday: Are You The Ideal Travel Partner?

      1. I recently went on a trip with one of my besties and those suggestions are perfect! We travelled really well together.

        I actually started off as a plan, plan, plan kind of girl… but travelling with a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants traveller was actually really awesome! It made me stop for a minute and just enjoy the moment! Before we left i was stressed… but ended up having the most amazing time. I think we settled in a really good middle-man situation where we were organised but just made it up as we went along. It was a pretty great experience 🙂


  1. These are all great tips. Being compatible (or at least both parties being aware of the differences & willing to compromise at times) is a major factor in traveling with someone. I’ve been very lucky, but I’ve heard some horror stories.

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    1. Yup, I learned this lesson a long time ago when a former close friend of mine and her friends rented a house in Europe. She was miserable with a capital “M” and when we got home, her friends became my friends…

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  2. Very good points! I know lots of people who love to travel but we’ve agreed that we wouldn’t do well travelling together haha, the wrong companion can totally change the experience

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  3. It is very hard to find a perfect travelling partner, often people want to do different things and dont want to compromise. I tend to be super easy going when it comes to travelling and would be surprised if I find a good travelling partner.

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  4. I’ve had my share of having the worst and best kinds of travel partners. Needless to say, our travels were just a one time thing. But I have a lot of memories with people whom I bonded over with during travels and we are now great friends!

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  5. It is good to be aware of the differences. But, the differences can make your travel better too. Such as a travel partner who likes to explore and pushes you out of just sitting around the hostel or hotel. The memories and the stories are the best!

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  6. I’m usually a lone traveller or family traveller. I think that travelling with a buddy would be so good, I have only met friends somewhere. Not photos ally travelled to he place with them. We both had different agendas so it’s always good to have that separate time. I think it would probably be totally different than I think it will be when my best friend and I plan a trip. I’ve travelled all over the world and we are quite different!

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  7. Hahaha this is a great post! Recently, I took a road trip with some friends. Unfortunately, one of them was a really poor driver and would break really suddenly all of the time. A scared driver is not a good driver. I ended up with a cracked sternum. Yikes!

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  8. I think one of the best things you can do when you travel is to go on your journey with an open mind and with no expectations – let the destination surprise you don’t build a perfect image of how it should be like. I love your blog and your pictures are phenomenal – wish mine were at least half as good!

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  9. Hi,
    Good words, things to think about before travelling.
    My girlfriend and I and thinking about travelling across Asia, these are things we need to think about. Luckily we enjoy each others presence, so we will be able to enjoy the trip.

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  10. These are great tips. I’m jealous you are able t travel so often, especially to nice warm beaches 🙂

    Even preparing there are times when things come up. My second trip to Vegas turned awful when frustrated with a friend who was essentially flirting and talking with other guys behind her boyfriends back (he’d become a friend), and all and all had been selfish the whole summer, resulted in a huge fight in the hotel room where we were both yelling loudly and drunk after the bar. We didn’t make up for two months and I have noticed after that she’s never been like that again. She Married her boyfriend, turned out to be pregnant, and has never ditched us in a bar (pub etc….) as she did that night in Vegas when we’ve promised to stay together. In one sense the fight ruined the trip, although, my other bestfriend and I enjoyed ourselves. On another sense, it made the trip uncomfortable with another three girls travelling with us.

    The bestfriend I was hanging with (not the oneI fought with) also was upset with that friend. She’s not a yeller though. I’m not either unless you’ve crossed a line and it takes m along time to get there. It’s an experience you learn from and 1 years later we’re all still good friends. I think if you have issues with someone it’s good to talk to the b4 going on a trip and not let it build. Also if you’re drinking, don’t argue then, save it for when you’re sober and feeling better from the night before’s hangover!

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      1. Yeah it was actually. But I think it made her realize that her boyfriend was a great guy, and that she shouldn’t be treating him that way, or us. I think too pregnancy hormones didn’t help. Her daughter is almost 8 now and quite a sweetheart 🙂

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