#TravelTuesday: Why I Don’t Prefer All-Inclusives

Photo credit: JoeInSouthernCA via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

I’ve done a handful of all-inclusive vacations in the past and they were awesome.

But given the choice between an all-inclusive and renting a condo, I would likely opt for a condo.

Okay, you now think that I’m crazy but hold on while I tell you why:

  1. my day doesn’t revolve around the all-you-can-eat format. I quickly get tired of seeing food all the time;
  2. there is no single supplement to pay. At an all-inclusive resort, I’m constantly annoyed that I had to pay more or even double than others, which is #freakingunfair;
  3. no one truly knows that I’m traveling solo. I could be a party of one, two or four and that’s “safer” for me. Once at a 5 star resort, a creepy staff guy paid too much attention to me and when I realized that he had easy “swipe card” access to my villa, I promptly demanded to be relocated closer to my friends;
  4. having a kitchenette is awesome. I can do my own thing and still have flexibility to dine out and enjoy local cuisine;
  5. more space. I love that “just like home feeling” than being in one room where I can only walk around the hotel bed;
  6. having a washer dryer makes life easy. I can pack less in my suitcase;
  7. usually no maid service which means that I don’t always need to lock everything up in the security box. And I’m not messy so it makes no difference to me;
  8. I’m forced to explore the area and not lazily (is that a word?) staying within the confines of a resort;
  9. I’m not paying for services I don’t use like the swim up bar, childcare services, spa, golf course, etc. which are basically all hidden into the cost.

What do your prefer? Fancy or not fancy? Condo or all-inclusive? Or just staying at home?

M xoxo


26 thoughts on “#TravelTuesday: Why I Don’t Prefer All-Inclusives

  1. I want the condo… and it had better be fancy. I can do unfancy at home. πŸ˜„

    No all-inclusives…ever. You pay for things you’ll never use and there will always be ONE thing you want that isn’t included – and overpriced! πŸ˜’

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  2. I’ve never done all-inclusive, but I’ve heard things. It’s nice that you don’t have to pay for meals and stuff, but like you, I’d much rather taste the various local dishes and enjoy more space.

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  3. I’ve never done all inclusive yet. What I really enjoy is using AirB&B and renting an apartment or separate area of a home such as the basement suite, where you can relax, not worry about having to lock everything away, and usually there’s a fridge so you can maintain healthy eating at least for breakfast and snacks by going to a grocery store and saving money that way too. Hotels can be very nice too in the states and and in Canada, but many other places you have to worry about your stuff a great deal more. I still want to try all inclusive in Mexico or somewhere like that or going on a cruise that stops over, but on board the ship you know the food is always good and your lodgings are decent enough as in some places you don’t always have that reassurance!

    I’m jealous of the travelling you do and I’m hoping to do more soon! I love all your tips though, it’s helpful!

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