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Blog reading has become a part of my routine.

I may not always leave a comment when I drop by your space but when I don’t see your blog in my Reader for a few weeks or months, I do wonder where you went.

Are you on vacation? Busy with work and family? Just trying to juggle life and have no time for your blog?

Did you lose your muse or did you decide that blogging isn’t really for you anymore?

And when a blogger has shared their stories about suffering from or dealing with an illness, I hope against hope that the worst has not happened.

It’s mind boggling that we can connect with each other regularly here on WP but if something were to happen to us, we would never really know because our posts would simply just …stop. Blogging can make the world a smaller place but still keep us worlds apart.

Months ago, a blogger who loved sharing original poetry and nominating others for “awards” just faded away from my WP Reader and strangely enough, a few days after I noticed it, a fellow blogger shared that he had passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly. Even though I had only exchanged a few communications with him, it still floored me.

It made me think about how people we have never met can become a part of your daily (reading) lives.

Am I alone in this thinking? Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

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26 thoughts on “Disappearing Acts #writerwednesday #writing

  1. No I wonder too. Especially if I know a person is ill and sickly. And on a couple of occasions I’ve learned of people dying and even though u may not know their face, their writing and comments makes you feel as if you knew them well enough to mourn their passing. I think for some learning the skill of writing everyday is tough. They don’t realize writing and blogging becomes easier with practice. On the other hand, there are times it can feel like a job almost and perhaps giving that much of themselves is difficult for some to do along with their own personal writing projects, their families, or other things. I think having hard days when it feels difficult to write are days many do not make it through.

    Just my thoughts. I’ve been here 6 years I think. I wonder, especially about those you blog with for years and then they’re gone. They become part of your routine if the everyday. But change is endless.

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  2. Because of how my mind works (incorrectly, often), when I notice someone is missing, I tend to think the worst. But yes, I do notice these things and I’ve thought about it. It seems so crazy that you can feel close to people chatting away in the comments but there could be so many parts of them and their lives that we know nothing about. (Of course, I spew all my crap right out there…) Maybe this is narcissistic, but sometimes I wonder what people would think (or if they would think…) if I disappeared. Is that weird? Probably… πŸ™‚

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    1. Not weird at all because my mind works in the exact same way. I have wondered more than once if anyone would wonder about me if I suddenly disappeared never to be heard of again. And I understand how that “catfish” stuff works on dating-type sites but in this WP community, I think that we all get to know each other pretty well.

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  3. Like most others I wonder when an online ‘friend; goes missing. Out of the five or six I know of, one just stopped blogging but a couple of years later I saw her name appear as liking a post on a blog, and then a few weeks later one on mine. A couple I have never got to know anything and then on three I’ve been notified of a death. One daughter who told me of her mother’s passing actually carried on her mother’s blog as it was following a family tree.I find I miss my friends when they leave for whatever reason.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  4. I know of at least one blogger who past away, and it was hard to let her go because I truly enjoyed her blog. Also she left the sweetest comments.

    I know all too well how life can get in the way & cause you to disappear from blogging for a while. Of course, my reasons always seem so selfish when I consider others. When I came back, I noticed a lot of my favorite fiction blogs dormant or only posting challenge prompts. I also lost a few regular commenters (maybe they unfollowed me because they were sick of my disappearing acts lol).

    On one particular blog, I haven’t seen a post since August of last year and I really enjoyed her writing. But I also follow her on Facebook and a few weeks ago there was a little activity on her page. It wasn’t fiction but I beyond thrilled to see she was still alive.

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  5. I notice as well. Some I have followed since I began my own “journey” suddenly disappeared. Maybe they said all they had to say. It’s funny…how these bloggies become our family. I know that sometimes, I credit my sanity and willingness to more or less “carry on” to them.

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  6. Not at all.

    Sometimes there are writers on this site I love connecting with- their material is mind blowing and beautiful and everything I want to see from a blog as a reader. But all of a sudden, they’ll disappear from my feed. I’ll search their blogs (desperate for a ray of light, of pure and utter brilliance) only to find they haven’t posted in two to three months.

    I’m also guilty of this, since I don’t post regularly, rather whenever I have time. (I wish I could write everyday, but it’s just not an option for me schedule wise.)

    I think writers who notify their readers that they will be absent are going above and beyond with this issue- unless, of course, the absence is unexpected. I.e. Hospitalization, death, family issues, etc.

    My readers don’t normally expect me to update regularly anyways, but for new readers, I should probably try keeping them updated and not keep them in the dark, at least when I can and when it’s something not too intense or personal.

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