I’ve spent a lot of time on Isla Verde Beach and I love it. Beach-goers are just “themselves” and the only important thing is to enjoy yourself.

There are also things that I see there that I’ve never experienced elsewhere and even during my last trip, another hotel guest told me that she had never seen full-out barbecues and pop gazebo tents set up on the beach.

I smiled because I had the very same thought over twenty four years ago when I first fell in love with the island.

If you take a trip down, here are a few things you’ll notice:

  • You might feel self-conscious about the extra pounds you think are spilling out of your bathing suit but believe me, no one is thinking about it because no one cares. If no one even gives a second look at that woman twice your size in the tankini or man in the teeny weeny Speedo that just walked by, you should stop sucking in your gut and relax. The only person judging you is YOU.

  • A variety of different sized speakers playing music on the beach ranging from mini-speakers to jumbo DJ-style playing salsa, reggaeton, Marc Anthony, La India and a little Ricky Martin mixed in for good measure.
  • “Real” barbecues and pop-up gazebos, especially on the weekend. Everyone spends the entire day at the beach with family and simply hang out. Don’t be surprised if the family gathering sitting next you offers you a burger and a Medalla (beer) to join in on their fun.

  • Dancing on the beach, either with others or simply by yourself. As you’ll see in the video above that I took from the 12th floor of the hotel, this “Dancing Man” was enjoying himself and feeling good (I added the music for fun). Tons of people walked by him, no one batted an eye and no one thought he was crazy. Zoom in…he’s got wireless earphones on. And the woman below used to stop and dance at intervals during her morning walks;
  • The smell of cigars.
  • Private hotel beach-parties spilling out onto the beach;

  • The “helado” (ice cream) or “piragua” (shaved ice) man walking up and down the beach yelling out the flavors of “pina, parcha, coco”.

I’m sure that there are plenty more but those are the ones that came to mind.

What do you love most about the beach?

Images, videos and content Β©2017 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.




17 thoughts on “#TravelTuesday: Doing Your Thing On The Beach

  1. I love your swimsuit comment. I’ve been reevaluating my swimwear self consciousness ever since reading that the Rio residents find tourists “huge bikini bottoms” hysterical. They have a point. I mean my huge bathing suits aren’t really hiding that much!

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