“Catch My Breath” – #marquessachallenge #fictionfriday #lyricalfictionfriday

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“Catch My Breath”

From out of nowhere, Jasmine slipped into the seat facing me in the coffee shop.

I spilled my coffee onto the table out of surprise at her sudden appearance. Now that she was back, I would have to learn to keep my emotions in check. Would I ever get used to seeing her around town?

Jasmine reached into her purse and slid a piece of paper across the table to me. Confused and without a word, I unfolded it and discovered my own handwriting. My heart stopped cold when I realized what I was holding.

It was my letter from years ago.

The letter I had poured my heart into after our breakup. The letter she had never bothered to acknowledge before leaving without giving me a second thought. Just holding it made my fingertips burn with anger.

“I need you to read this to me,” Jasmine whispered. My focus fell on the smudges of mascara at the corners of her damp eyes.

“Why would you ask me to do that?” I shook my head. β€œNo! Not only is this letter old news, it’s embarrassing. You never even responded…”

“That’s because I never got it, Cooper. I found it last night when I was packing up my mother’s house.”

Her tears began to fall, leaving a long trail of mascara down the length of her cheeks. I shook my head.

“No, I don’t believe you Jas. I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing but…,”

“Your letter was in bottom drawer of my mother’s bedside table. It was opened so I assume that she read it and never gave it to me…You have to believe me, Coop. You know how she was back then!”

My thoughts raced and they were too quick for me to follow. It was true that her mother had been a grade A witch.

“What are you telling me Jas? That she purposely kept it from you?”

Jasmine reached out and lightly touched my wrist.

“Coop, I’m telling you that if I had read this, I never would have left. Please, read this to me…right here, right now. I need to hear these words straight from you.”

I could barely take my eyes away from the pure honesty on her faceΒ  but I did as she asked, keeping my voice low so that others in the coffee shop couldn’t overhear.

”I never believed in love until I met you Jas. Whenever I see you and every time I think of you, I always catch my breath. What we have is forever and we can fix this…”

I stopped, unable to continue because I was reeling from the realization of how many years we had possibly lost because of her mother.

Jasmine would never have left town?

She reached over and held onto both of my hands with a gentle force. Unable to resist, my hands reciprocated, sending tingles throughout my core.

“Coop, do you still catch your breath when you think of me?”

Jasmine was still the only woman capable of bringing me to my knees, even after all these years.

Before I could speak my truth and with our hands intimately intertwined, I looked up to see the last two people I ever expected standing in the doorway watching us…

Jasmine’s husband and my wife.

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