Mailchimp Madness and My Draft Novella

Photo credit: ePublicist via / CC BY-ND

Yesterday, it was such a dreary raining day that I decided to tackle learning about Mailchimp’s automation feature. And though I’m a little embarrassed to say that it took me most of the afternoon, I think I understand it better now.

You see, this month while my editing of the novella is still on the backburner, I would like focus on building my newsletter/email list of readers who are truly interested in my fiction writing, my journey into self-publishing and who would support me with honest reviews in the future when I do publish it.

As a first step, I’ve created a Mailchimp list whereby readers can receive the draft novella by daily email installments only.

Signing up to receive the draft will not place the reader on my general email list.

But those who are on my general mailing will receive a free copy of the completed novella (with new content) when it’s completed.

If you are interested and didn’t read the story of Kate in “Living To Die” during the last A to Z Challenge, click on the link below to read the Prologue.

At the end of the Prologue, there will be a link to sign up for the daily installments by email.

Living To Die

Enjoy your day!

M  xoxo



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