Getting In Our Own Way

In “Beach” from “Living To Die“, Meghan encourages Kate to take a trip to Hawaii alone and she is very quick to throw obstacles in her own way, hiding behind adult children and a job she doesn’t truly care for.

Why is that many of us have the impulse to make excuses, fold our arms and say “no” to living instead of opening our minds and embracing the unknown? Why is it easier to get in our own way as an excuse to stand still and do nothing?

If you were in Kate’s shoes, do you think that you would have taken the trip?

All Rights Reserved ©2017 Marquessa Matthews

To read about Kate’s story, you can check it out here.







8 thoughts on “Getting In Our Own Way

  1. I would have definitely taken the trip. I believe that so many people are afraid of being by themselves because it forces them to examine their lives for what it truly is. Myself, on the other hand, I’m very comfortable with traveling alone but most importantly, taking care of my mental health.

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  2. Most definitely would have taken the trip!

    I think, in general, women have more of a problem with living for themselves. We’re more prone to put partners, children, parents, etc. before our own wants and knows needs, and actually feel guilty if we do something for ourselves.

    I’m not so sure it’s the same for Kate. She received a devastating diagnosis, yes–but based on what I’ve learned about her family (that daughter…have mercy!), she allowed them to beat her down and destroy her self-worth…make her sound ungrateful for wanting something for herself. Kate was incapable of living until she began living to die. (You’re so wise! 😉)

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